How 100 men were able to prey on one vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl for two years


How 100 men were able to prey on one vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl for two years

15 MEN have been jailed for a total of 160 years for the horrific sexual abuse of a vulnerable schoolgirl from Halifax.

The schoolgirl was preyed on by as many as 100 men, the majority of them of Asian origin, during a two year period.

The prosecution described her as “lonely, needy” and seeking friendship and love, a teenager who for a long time did not understand that she was a victim of child abuse being groomed and exploited.

On occasions, Leeds Crown Court heard she sought out the men who abused her simply because she wanted to escape from her unhappy childhood and had no sense of self-preservation or worth or the danger she was putting herself in.

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Calderdale gang jailed for grooming and abusing girls

Fifteen men who “systematically” groomed and sexually abused teenage girls in Halifax have been jailed.

They were convicted of child sex offences including rape, grooming and trafficking during three separate trials at Leeds Crown Court.

Prosecutors praised the “immense courage and bravery” of the two victims who gave evidence against the men.

The longest sentence passed was 25 years in what was described as a “complex and lengthy operation”.

The gang of men abused a young girl in Halifax and Bradford between 2009 and 2011, the Crown Prosecution (CPS) said.

Another victim was also sexually assaulted by one of the gang members.

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7 thoughts on “How 100 men were able to prey on one vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl for two years

  1. We have a police service (ish) that talks to offenders more then it does to victims and witnesses.


    Whilst these Facts are in existence this kind of hellish vile scum behaviour will continue, like it did in other areas.


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  3. It is my view the culture of ‘political correctness’ that pervades councils throughout Britain is partly responsible for the woeful lack of action against non-white child abusers.
    Frightened of being called Fascist,Racist-and losing votes-councillors would rather parrot ineffectual and worthless phrases like ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ to preserve the status quo.
    How many more Rotherhams,Halifax’s and Derby’s for example are going to be publicised before the CPS,Police, MP’s and the Home Secretary get a grip on what is national scandal?


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