Bradford trio who set up flagship free school ‘fleeced taxpayers of £150,000’

Bradford trio who set up flagship free school ‘fleeced taxpayers of £150,000’

The principal, financial director and teacher at a “flagship” free school in Bradford defrauded the government out of £150,000 and treated public money “as their own”, a court heard.

Sajid Husain Raza, 43, the former headteacher of Kings Science Academy, was joined in the dock by his sister Shabana Hussain, 40, also a teacher at the school, and the former financial director of the establishment, Daud Khan, 44.

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Bradford Kings Science academy staff ‘defrauded government’

The founder of a flagship free school and two staff members used government money intended to help set it up for their own ends, a court heard.

A Department of Education (DoE) grant was given to help establish the Kings Science Academy in Bradford in 2011.

Sajid Hussain Raza, 43, and Shabana Hussain, 40, are accused of paying grant funds into their bank accounts.

Daud Khan, 44, is accused of fraud and three counts of false accounting. All three deny the charges against them.

Leeds Crown Court heard the three defendants had “treated public money as their own”.

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Free school founder ‘siphoned off grants’

The founder of one of the first free schools, which was praised by David Cameron, defrauded the academy out of about £150,000, a court has been told.

Kings Science Academy in Bradford was one of the first wave of free schools to open in 2011. It was set up by Sajid Raza, who became the principal.

He is facing four charges of fraud, three of false accounting and two of obtaining a money transfer by deception.

Raza used some of the money to make mortgage repayments on buy-to-let properties he owned, Leeds crown court was told.

Shabana Hussain, 40, his sister, who also taught at the school, and Daud Khan, 44, its finance director, are also charged with making payments into private bank accounts from a Department for Education grant awarded to help set up the school.

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9 thoughts on “Bradford trio who set up flagship free school ‘fleeced taxpayers of £150,000’

  1. This is hardly new news:
    From January 2014
    “Man arrested over Bradford free school fraud claims”
    Did you feature it at that time Rothpol?

    The whole “free school ” thing is/was a disaster.
    Who were behind it ?
    Michael Grove and Toby Young, and what are those two people trying to sell us now?
    (see )


  2. RR claims to have worked for the Bank of International Settlement. So even worse than free school fraud was he a part of a system that brought the world financial system to its needs in 2007-8? But then we know the bankers are too big to JAIL.


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