Four to stand trial over Broom Valley crystal meth raid

THREE men and one woman will stand trial in November in connection with an alleged methamphetamine cooking operation in Broom.

Nehdi Tajabidi (31), of Broom Valley Road, Mehdi Esmacpoor (38), of Farm Drive, Rawmarsh, Luliana Otaraseanu, (30) of Manor Fields Close, Kimberworth, and Mohammed Chernarli (30) of Mary Hill Road, Glasgow, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday charged with conspiracy to produce class A drugs.

All four pleaded not guilty and their case was adjourned.

Their trial is due to be held over four days from November 14.

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7 Responses to Four to stand trial over Broom Valley crystal meth raid

  1. Mk007 says:

    There goes the neighbourhood, again…

    • Loudmouth says:

      Where ever there’s money, corruption and crime, your’ll get these people in abundance, like flies to !!!!

  2. big bird . says:

    broom valley was once a area to die for not any more soon it will be the next eastwood interesting to find out who owned this house where the raid took place .

  3. Shadrack says:

    Good old fashioned English names then LOL

  4. Colin Tawn says:

    It is to be hoped they have had to surrender their passports.
    We don’t want anymore ‘oversights’ do we?

  5. Jeffrey Smith says:

    Us English don’t do drugs do we? Lol!

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