Decision due on Aston housing plans

A DECISION over plans to build a housing estate next to a wildlife site is expected to be reached today.

The verdict on the Aston housing scheme was deferred after campaigners voiced concerns that no site visit was due to take place.

Members of Rotherham Borough Council’s planning board were due to approve plans to build 16 homes on land off Worksop Road at Aston at a meeting earlier this month.

But campaigners and people living near the site claimed the development could disturb wildlife, increase the flooding risk and increase congestion through the village.

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4 thoughts on “Decision due on Aston housing plans

  1. A spokesman for Jones Homes said: “We have worked extensively with officers at the council over the last three-and-a-half years to address any of the concerns raised in relation to these matters, and can confirm that appropriate strategies will be put in place to ensure a safe and effective development of the site.”
    This will be the same Jones Homes who bought the old Parkstone House, demolished the building and did not completely clear the site. They made a ‘promise’ to APC they would refurb Crowgate changing rooms and rebuild the boundary wall once new homes building started.
    That was three years ago and nothing has happened since then.
    I hope the residents of Aston have more luck with Jones Homes.

    If there is any evidence of bats near the proposed development Jones Homes must conduct a bat survey-before construction work starts.

    ‘Find out what you need to do and who you need to consult when reviewing flood risk assessments as part of planning applications.
    This guidance is for local authorities who need to review flood risk assessments submitted as part of planning applications.’


  2. Rejected 5-4. Predictably the planners more concerned by the number of bins that’ll be on the pavement than ecological or hydrological constraints.


    • No yet and the Web link does not cover the application and the numerous protesters who eloquently voiced their objections. All the information for the application is on the planning portal RB2013/1508. You maybe interested to read the comments from Freeths solicitors on the portal.


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