Bad loser’s I don’t think so, very easy to say, I think that same fear tactics been used.

We never should underestimate the power of the common man.

We know that the common man really voted for immigration, and the majority probably not for the intended Brexit.

We live in England and arguably around 2/3’s voted to leave (I am mindful of the rest of the UK’s decision) where is the party.

“But what is done cannot be undone and now we have to get on with making our new relationship with Europe work as well as possible.”

Elsewhere, ECB Governing Council member Francois Villeroy de Galhau warned that London’s financial centre is at risk of losing its prized “EU PASSPORT”, which banks rely on to operate across Europe’s capital market.

“There is a precedent, it is the Norwegian model of European Economic Area, that would allow Britain to keep access to the single market but by committing to implement all EU rules,” he said.

Well even the Norwegian model looks a bit sh!te.

“It would be a bit paradoxical to leave the EU and apply all EU rules but that is one solution if Britain wants to keep access to the single market.”

I can’t remember this sh!te making it into Brexit, the Norwegian model. What the Norwegian’s don’t even care to speak on their deal.

Business world reacts to Brexit vote as Britain’s EU Commissioner Lord Hill announces resignation

We don’t even have any oil or gas wealth fund,  Norwegian model my @rse. They apparently have the largest investment fund in the world,  they are so wealthy it doesn’t matter what EU regulates as law for them.

Norway to regulate $850 billion fund’s tax haven exposure-lawmakers | The Fiscal Times

FT Alphaville | FT Alphaville – Market Commentary –

I’ve played a lot of cricket in my time,  out means out, even if it was a decision made from the third umpire.

Start spending to save our country, or if not this time we can blame the Brexit’ers for our demise, don’t worry we always have some one to blame.


36 thoughts on “Bad loser’s I don’t think so, very easy to say, I think that same fear tactics been used.

  1. This is a classic case of old men buggering up the lives of the younger generations – “eyup, arh, get them theer foriners aart and evrythin ‘ll be olreyt”

    Er, not unlike the vents of exactly a century ago?


    • I think you are absolutely correct.

      People have told me that they heard the LEAVE camp promising:
      (1) a significant and sustained cut in net migration and the imposition of new tough migration controls;
      (2) an extra £350 million per week for the NHS – as was plastered all over the campaign bus; and
      (3) taking back control from Europe of key decisions relating to the UK economy.

      It was these three things that were key to the decisions of many (otherwise uncommitted and undecided) individuals to vote LEAVE.

      But within hours of the referendum outcome being declared, we heard:
      – Nigel Farage saying that the £350 million p wk for the NHS promise should never have been made
      – Iain Duncan Smith saying that he had never made the NHS promise, despite his persistently being photographed in front of the LEAVE bus with the commitment on;
      – Iain Duncan Smith saying that net migration will be cut to less than 100,000 pa – which is rather more than the ‘tens of thousands’ he promised just a year ago, whilst Daniel Hannan said ““Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed. All we are asking for is some control over roughly who comes in and roughly in what numbers.”

      In the words of the old song “There may be trouble ahead……..” as people realise that what they thought they were voting for is simply not going to be delivered and never had any intention of being delivered.


  2. Disagree completely …. How do we know the “COMMON” man really voted on immigration ? .. I voted out and for no other reason but the non accountability of the EU members … if we do not agree with a particular political group we can hold them to account with a vote ..but not these EU members they carry on regardless … People have had their referendum … leave EU won with a clear majority …so to all the remainers pick your dummies up and realise that the bigger percentage of the uk want out … deal with it … and as for a campaign for a second referendum that democracy ? just keep voting until the MINORITY get the result they want … don’t think so …and as for old men buggering up the lives of the younger generation ……. There are approximately 203,700 adults resident in Rotherham (2014 Mid Year Estimate) of whom 64,100 people are aged 60 and over (24.6% of the population), 37,100 are aged 18 to 29 years (14.3%) and 102,400 are aged 30 to 59 years (39.4%). The number of children and young people aged 0 to 17 years is 56,400 (21.7%) of whom 16,100 aged 0-4 (6.2%). Taken from Demographic Profile of Rotherham 2015. ….even if every person above 60 years of age voted in Rotherham it would only be 64,100 votes assuming that they all voted leave ..highly unlikely .. this does not look to me like a classic case of the old man problem …assuming that OLD means over 60 … I think maybe more of the 30 to 59 year age group voted leave …. which I certainly do not call old…….


    • Please 1st time user!

      “I voted out and for no other reason but the non accountability of the EU members” they were accountable, we had our own MEP’s.

      If you had said I didn’t vote because our own democratic process fails me, as a common man, from the highly democratic House of Lords.

      All other people in different countries aren’t ever going to be elected by us.

      Please 1st time user don’t degenerate the power of the common man to this nonsense.

      I don’t think there will be any special deal on the table, even if there will be, listen to me clearly “IT WILL NOT BE DEMOCRATIC AT ALL”.

      Or does trade need to be democratic, I would try our democratic Chambers of commerce.


      I totally respect the decision of the Priminister from the start.

      I totally respect the nation’s decision.

      But why can’t the 48% of the UK now can’t hold an opinion.

      Whether that be, remain in the UK, or not.

      52% (nationally) or should I say ~68% locally need to pull your finger out your ass and start spending, if you want a nation at all.

      EU not democratic, bullshit.

      You remind me of walk outs by trade union members circa 60/70’s.


      • I struggle reading your post …. you write in riddles that make no sense … like I said appear to have spat out your dummy ..pick it up ..stop moaning and deal with it . I know it hurts you that the vote you cast was on the losing side and yes you are entitled to have an opinion as am I … I have done on this thread now… you are boring me with your doom and gloom ideas about brexit……and by the way it is you and all the other remainers that underestimated the power of the common man .. Good riddance to the EU .. Rule Brittania. Bit of reading for you … Ta Ta


        • You don’t even know the truth do you 1st timer, tell me how many times France vetoed UK’s entry into the single market, but we were still dying to get in.

          I won’t need to worry about any more referendum’s in my life, the last 6/7 years of austerity hadn’t caused me any such pain, actually it served our beloved country well, especially when you take into account what austerity has done to Greece, Spain, etc, I wonder why we were the first nation out of recession, I suppose you would say not because of EU, that’s the difference between me and you, we were in a nation which was so diverse politically and in trade.

          In short best placed for everything.

          Don’t worry 1st timer, I always talk in riddles, especially to those who are so narrow minded as your self.

          Immigration was excruciatingly painful for me as well, but I wouldn’t put at risk my countries
          and for that I have spat out my dummy.

          Back when Britain was banging on Europe’s door | Kathryn Hadley | Opinion | The Guardian


      • @Hotspot

        Two points: It’s rude to shout on forums.
        We voted 43 years ago to join the Common Market not the EU.
        The Common Market (Usually referred to as the European Economic Community (EEC) which was created by the Treaty of Rome) was launched in 1957, the Single Market was only achieved in 1992-1993. The Single Market requires the free movement of goods, people, capital and services and the EU is now an Economic Union as well as a Customs union.
        Last Thursday’s referendum was not to accept or reject the Common Market but to accept or reject the European Union.


        • Three points.
          1: How do you know I was shouting, you can’t underline or highlight what you want to say, and a reaction is what was needed, thanks CT.
          2: True I don’t take any prisoners, usually they are sent on their way, “GROW UP”
          3: I’m actually more agreed with Jannet Green’s understanding as above.

          So CT we give up the passport, and KEEP THE SHOPPING BAG!


  3. So the old gits voted the wrong way eh! As if all the old people collectively decided to vote leave.
    It was mass, uncontrolled immigration plus the democratic deficit that decided it for this old git.
    When did the British people ever have any say on mass immigration? It’s been imposed on us by an arrogant, out of touch elite that put the interests of the boss class before the ordinary people of this country.


    • Exactly revsimcop. Trambuster should come out and say old people( those over 45} should not be allowed to vote as dementia will have set in, and as this result clearly shows, most of them are gaga.


  4. Perhaps the moaners and groaners who foam at the mouth when the decision by voters is ‘the wrong one’ should concentrate on trying to understand why 28% of eligible voters decided they would not vote.


  5. 43 years ago we was asked to vote for a common market not an unelected undemocratic European Union that’s the diference


    • Thanks CV, you didn’t put that in your manifesto.

      Come on tell tell, how does the EU free market work WITH OUT RULES AND REGULATIONS.

      So now it’s all better, we’ve got accountability back and it’s going to be all democratic from now on, you are seriously more dumber than you look.

      You kept prattling on about the 29,000 words for cabbage production, trust me when something as volatile as cabbages is on the menu just words aren’t enough.

      Even you don’t know what you voted for CV.

      You don’t know what Boris said today, read it up, and to honestly tell you even Farrage doesn’t know what Brexit is.

      Brexit: Boris Johnson – time to build bridges with Remain voters – BBC News

      “He said there would still be “intense” cooperation between the UK and the EU on arts, science and the environment and said Britons would still be able to travel and work in Europe.”

      So I suppose they still will be able to come over here for work.


  6. Hot Spot
    Three terms of trading rules
    1 ) you have the product
    2 ) Customer has the Cash
    3) you sell customer the product

    They are the only rules you need in business


  7. Mmm…scrare mongering.

    Today we lost our triple AAA finace rating, for the first time in 38 yrs.

    Not scaremongering, I’ll say it silently “the truth”.


  8. @Hotspot and rr

    I stand by my original comment; we initially joined the Common Market. We voted whether or not to leave the European Union.
    They are not and were not the same thing.


    • CT
      By common market do you mean EEC

      The European Economic Community (EEC) was a regional organisation which aimed to bring about economic integration among its member states. It was created by the Treaty of Rome of 1957.

      I thought economic integration would include the free movement of people.

      Isn’t this where the free moment of peoples comes from! I suppose you didn’t vote for immigration either, I suppose the UK was doing so bad after a world recession, which like the Fannies and Murdocks of the banking world created by internal deciet.

      Because I would like to know more about what you actually voted for.


      • @Hotspot.
        In the 1975 referendum the EEC (Common Market) had 9 members, today there are 28 members of the European Union.
        The treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon have radically altered our relationship with the European Union. The EU gave birth to the Single Market and the Single Currency both of which were never voted on nor decided by the British electorate.

        “Because I would like to know more about what you actually voted for”
        In 1975 or 2016?
        Last week I voted to Leave the EU. That is my democratic right-Freedom of Choice.
        The reasons why I voted leave are too many to list here, suffice to say I disagree with Cameron’s botched ‘renegotiations’ amongst other things.

        Don’t be so hard on people who disagree with your viewpoint.
        The majority voted to leave. Live with it.


        • I respect your view, somebody doesn’t ours, not democratic enough for you.

          So what are these negotiations to achieve, like it or lump it.

          So which bit are you keeping CT, was the two fingers salute what we were waiting for.

          I have been living with it since Friday, and it’s been literally, so so funny.

          It’s actually so funny, every second is so multi faceted, and for the first time I literally pissed myself.

          One of my friends sent me a message, do we get a rematch if England loose to Iceland.

          No I told him, we are going to Brexit everything, we are going to surpass any who came before, in the field of Brexiting.

          Well we exited Europe twice in a week.


  9. Colin save your breath Hotspot like most of Labour are in denial they lost live with it
    Next as true to form they start with the insults


    • I’m sorry Caven, comparing UKIP policies to play school, is not quite the same as what you do.

      Apparently you don’t do anything of that sort, you wouldn’t say anything to offend anyone would you, even if it were an MP or three.


  10. Moodys, S&P and Fitch are the big credit rating agencies. They gave Lehmans an AAA+. They give good ratings to their clients. Now Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase backed Remain and they are important clients to agencies.
    It seems they are throwing Teddy out of the pram over there in Manhattan. It seems New Labour seem to want to please key corporations in the USA and in the City of London and are completely out of touch with the Working Classes in England and Wales.
    Do they want to strangle the Labour Party’s natural grass roots support?


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