Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn under pressure amid top team revolt

A string of Labour shadow cabinet members have quit, with more walkouts expected, in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership over the EU referendum.

Heidi Alexander, Ian Murray, Gloria de Piero, Lillian Greenwood, Lucy Powell, Kerry McCarthy and Seema Malhotra quit.

It comes after Mr Corbyn sacked shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn.

Mr Corbyn faces a vote of no confidence following a “lacklustre” EU campaign but shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he “wasn’t going anywhere”.

Mr McDonnell and shadow cabinet members Andy Burnham, Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry have given Mr Corbyn their support despite the resignations.

Shadow Northern Ireland secretary Vernon Coaker has said he is considering his position.

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Corbyn office ‘sabotaged’ EU Remain campaign – sources

The prime minister’s resigned. No-one knows who the next occupant of No 10 will be.

And today, some of the most senior figures in the Labour Party are trying to push their leader out too. There have been concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s performance for months and months. But it was his role, or lack of role, in the campaign to keep the UK in the EU, and his sacking of Hilary Benn in the middle of the night, that has given members of the shadow cabinet the final reasons to quit. Several have already gone; as many as half will be gone by the end of the day, I understand.

And documents passed to the BBC suggest Jeremy Corbyn’s office sought to delay and water down the Labour Remain campaign. Sources suggest that they are evidence of “deliberate sabotage”.

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Now also gone:

  • Vernon Coaker
  • Karl Turner
  • Lord Falconer
  • Chris Bryant

John Healey better hurry up or no one will notice him going, then both camps will mistrust him!

5 thoughts on “Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn under pressure amid top team revolt

  1. We have local Labour MP’s who are involved in this farce,and they need to be deselected now.Their constituents voted massively for Leave whilst these same politicians wanted Remain,simply because they are addicted to the EU gravy train and to hell with the people who pay them.


  2. Heidi Alexander, Ian Murray, Gloria de Piero, Lillian Greenwood, Lucy Powell, Kerry McCarthy, Seema Malhotra plus…..Vernon Croaker, Charlie Falconer, Karl Turner and Chris Bryant.

    It looks as if Corbyn, Burnham, Watson,McDonnell, Abbott and Corbyn’s PA will have to share all the jobs between themselves.
    I vote the PA as Leader……..


  3. You know you’re having a bad day when this happens:

    11:52 Housing PPS Matthew Pennycock also goes.
    11:51 Lisa Nandy and Owen Smith resign.
    11:40 Jenny Chapman quits Education team, Colleen Fletcher quits Defra.
    09:58 Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment Alex Cunningham resigns.
    09:20 Angela Smith, Leader of Labour in the Lords, and Labour’s Lords Chief Whip Steve Bassam both quit attending shadow cabinet meetings.
    09:02 Ruth Smeeth resigns as a PPS to the NI team.
    08:45 Education PPS Jess Phillips resigns.
    08:37 Shadow ministers Steve Reed and Yvonne Fovargue have gone.
    08:31 Wayne David resigns as Shadow Europe Minister.
    08:21 Justice PPS Chris Matheson quits.
    08:06 Stephen Kinnock has resigned as Angela Eagle’s PPS.
    07:53 Neil Coyle, who nominated Corbyn, has resigned as PPS to Bryant.
    07:52 Diana Johnson resigns as Shadow Foreign Office Minister.
    07:49 Toby Perkins resigns as Shadow Armed Forces Minister.
    07:48 Anna Turley resigns as Shadow Minister for Civil Society.

    Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Presenting our new Top Trumps Team!

    Shadow Foreign Secretary – Emily Thornberry
    Shadow Health Secretary – Diane Abbott
    Shadow Education Secretary – Pat Glass
    Shadow Transport Secretary – Andy McDonald
    Shadow Defence Secretary – Clive Lewis
    Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury – Rebecca Long-Bailey
    Shadow International Development Secretary – Kate Osamor
    Shadow Environment Food and Rural Affairs Secretary – Rachel Maskell
    Shadow Voter Engagement and Youth Affairs – Cat Smith
    Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary – Dave Anderson

    Meanwhile on Planet Rotherham……..
    Barron,Champion and Healey are believed to be hiding in Sir Nutkin’s Maltby office disguised as The Three Stooges.


  4. Maybe Healey, and Barron, are using tried and tested method they always use hear now’t see now’t and say now’t we are MPs no one talks to us
    That’s just shows how much they are in touch with the electorate of Rotherham who they are supposed to represent
    They should resign now


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