A howl of protest!

Dear John

This long-awaited and carefully orchestrated coup against Jeremy Corbyn has finally been triggered by the right wing of the Parliamentary Labour Party – on the false pretext that Jeremy lost us the EU Referendum!

Nothing could be further from the truth!Jeremy fought a tireless and honest campaign that was greeted with near silence by our right-wing and mostly pro-BREXIT media. Instead working class voters were fed a toxic diet of lies, misinformation and a dangerous “blame EU migrants for all our woes” message. The disgraceful racist messaging was epitomised by Farage’s UKIP “Breaking Point” poster – akin to Nazi-style propaganda – that was unveiled just hours before the truly shocking political assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox by a lone fascist gunman for her pro-immigration views. In spite of this over 65% of Labour voters voted to REMAIN. Lets also not forget that in Corbyn CLP over 70% voted to support remain and reform. The leader of the reform Alan Johnson has gone AWOL.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected only 9 months ago with an astonishing 59.5% of the vote on an electorate of half a million- the biggest and clearest mandate any political leader has ever achieved in this country. That support was as strong here in Rotherham & South Yorkshires Labour Party as anywhere else in the country. We urge you to respect that mandate and disassociate yourself publicly from members of the Parliamentary Labour Party who wrongly believe that the choice of leader and the political direction of the Party is their privilege to determine and theirs alone.

A massive backlash from the Party membership and supporters can be expected if the PLP take the disastrous and divisive course of action they are hell-bent on following. Please choose wisely and back our democratically-elected leader Jeremy Corbyn.

As a result of these MPs reckless actions and opportunism it has again failed to keep the pressure on the tories and the policies they espouse against the unwaged, working class and vulnerable.

The vanity of these MPs should result in disciplinary action and by elections triggered

Yours sincerely

Ged Dempsey

Wentworth CLP & Unite EC

4 thoughts on “A howl of protest!

  1. In order to be electable there are certain characteristics that an individual must possess. One of these, rightly or wrongly , is charisma and another is consistency of principles.
    Corbyn has neither.
    That is why he is unelectable as a PM.
    it matters not who is “plotting his downfall” or for whatever reasons – the simple fact is that he will never be elected as a PM because he is a political dinosaur …… the 21st century Michael Foot.


  2. Let’s hope these MPS have the bottle to resign as MPs and trigger a by election for candidates with real Labour values.
    They are Bastards

    They welcome to join the real tories


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