South Yorkshire MP John Healey resigns from shadow cabinet post

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey has dealt another blow to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after resigning from his shadow cabinet post.

Mr Healey, who stood down from his shadow housing minister role, said he personally handed his resignation letter to Mr Corbyn after meetings today.

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The full list of leavers:

Lilian Greenwood
Ian Murray
Kerry McCarthy
Seema Malhotra
Vernon Coaker
Lord Falconer
Karl Turner
Chris Bryant
Nia Griffith
Lisa Nandy
Owen Smith
Angela Eagle
Kate Green
John Healey
Maria Eagle
Luciana Berger
Hilary Benn
Heidi Alexander
Gloria de Piero
Lucy Powell
Toby Perkins

15 thoughts on “South Yorkshire MP John Healey resigns from shadow cabinet post

  1. Because I’m only a simple man perhaps someone will explain the following?
    If the majority of the Shadow Cabinet resigns because they have no faith in Corbyn’s leadership abilities then why would unknown wannabe’s accept roles to replace them?
    The easiest way to get rid of Corbyn IMV is for every MP who is approached to accept a Shadow Cabinet job to say no.
    No Shadow Cabinet while Corbyn is leader means no Corbyn as leader.
    Or have I got it wrong?


  2. Sarah Champion still hanging in their
    Not a word from the three on how they all ignored the majority of their constituents
    Just who do they represent apart from them selves


  3. Colin

    It’s very simple, we elect them – they neglect us.
    Would it not have been simpler to stay in their posts as they have done for some time now and just have a vote of no confidence. This dramatic action by ‘labour luvvies’ is helping to hurt the economy and pour oil on the flames of brexit.

    If you don’t like your boss be a man and quit altogether or tell him you don’t like him.

    Spill the beans Brothers


  4. Beats me how they ever got voted in with an increased majority. How do they do it? The Jay Report should have finished labour in Rotherham for years but the still get elected. You get what you wish for I guess so be happy with them Rejoice.


  5. This bunch of treacherous self seeking, self intrest MPS should do the honourable thing and resign. The electorate clearly rejected them in the EU referendum in their areas. The party members of 400,000 do not concur with these right wing MPs


  6. How out of touch the 3 MP’s are with their electorate they all became Cameron’s stooges joining the remain campaign and canvassing for an outdated unelected self serving institution they want to try living in Eastwood instead of in their big posh houses in nice areas ( Champion doesn’t even live in the same county she represents ) This is what lost them the vote in South Yorkshire not Jeremy Corbyn out of the 4 of them to me he was the most honest


  7. Corbyn alone expressed his doubts and dislikes about the EU.i think many of our local MP’s have gone native and are addicted to the gravy train. By their actions against the elected leader they are showing their contempt for the people who pay for their nice lifestyles.


  8. That’ quite clear all three MPs are showing their true colours all they are interested in is them selves and their wealth not the electorate


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