Jeremy Corbyn faces no-confidence motion from MPs

172 to 40 on no confidence!

Labour MPs pass Corbyn no-confidence motion

A motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been passed by the party’s MPs.

The 176-40 vote, which is not binding, follows resignations from the shadow cabinet and calls on Mr Corbyn to quit.

The leader’s allies have told his critics to trigger a formal leadership contest if they want to challenge him.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Mr Corbyn was “not going anywhere”, accusing his critics of trying to “subvert democracy”.

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Jeremy Corbyn faces no-confidence motion from MPs

Labour MPs are voting on a motion of no confidence in party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

As Mr Corbyn chaired a shadow cabinet meeting, MPs took part in the secret ballot following mass resignations from his front bench aimed at persuading him to resign.

The leader’s allies have told his critics to trigger a formal leadership contest if they want to challenge him.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Mr Corbyn was “not going anywhere”.

He accused Mr Corbyn’s opponents of trying to “subvert democracy”, and said the party leader would stand in any election if a challenger came forward.

The results of the no-confidence vote, which is not binding, will be revealed later.

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Close of poll 16:00. Result expected soon after.

16 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn faces no-confidence motion from MPs

  1. I just watched his spech to his “followers”.
    What a total “yesterday’s man”.
    He just doesn’t get the plot – a complete brainwashed left-wing idiot trotting out the usual rhetoric about “racism” and “intolerance”. No understanding whatsoever of the issues of the present.
    Flanked of course by that anti-white bigot , his ex- fancy bit, Abbott ( an illustration of his poor his judgement and taste ).
    i think the Americans word for Cobyn is ” loser”.


    • While I don’t agree with anything that Corbyn and his cronies of the left, the real problem has been that total failure of the right of the party, to represent the interests of the working class man. Remember the Blairites and his cronies, were in power and didn’t give a damn about their supposed constituents. Remember also, they allowed uncontrolled immigration and turned a blind eye to CSE. The only reason there attacking Corbyn, is to save their own arses.


  2. The labour MPs have acted worse than a scab ! If they wanted to challenge the leadership that’s fine but to go about it this way is deplorable. If they choose to resign as a cabinet member and slag Corbyn off they should also resign as an MP. Absolutely pathetic from a alleged working class party. These are just blairites who were never happy with the membership electing him and not their preferred candidates!


  3. 172 MP’s voted to say they have no confidence in Corbyn.
    40 MP’s believe in him.
    4 Abstensions (plus it is said several of his front bench team also abstained)
    The Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister Alan Whitehead resigned earlier today.
    Champion resigned her post 30 minutes ago.
    Still more to come………….

    Corbyn defies his critics and says “I won’t betray the membership who elected me”.

    There is a very obvious solution to this (If Labour MP’s really want to get rid if him?)

    Guess what it is and a virtual e-pint is yours!


  4. Erm….. well if you want to produce social change , first you have to get into government. And there will never be a labour government with Corbyn – he’s simply unelectable, just like Michael Foot and neil Kinnock.
    What is wrong with you Yorkshire people that you don;t have any common sense ?


  5. Maybe I am dim (don’t answer that) but these are the same pro-remain Labourites who kept bleating on about how a Brexit vote would lead to Britain lurching to the right-wing. Well, now that their disloyalty will probably, for a long time to come, split the party into two factions, who in typical left-wing comrade-liness (F*** off, we’re the People’s Front of Judea – splitters!” etc etc, you get the idea) will NEVER speak to each other again, they have neatly ensured the dominance of the Tories for the foreseeable future. A spectacular self-fulfilling own goal at a time when calm reflection was called for imho – I think the large number of Labour folk who supported Brexit will either punish this shower or not turn up at the next GE – either scenario is bad for democracy


  6. I have never read so much nonsense that people have written in these posts ( oh, not me of course ).
    Corbyn has spent all his political career opposing the non-democratic EU – he was a Bennite.
    When he became leader he was suddenly became pro-EU ?
    I believe the terms for such people are hypocrite, turncoat…. and some not so nice.
    I would next expect anyone to support someone who will abandon his principles for political expediency to keep his position.
    Corbyn is unelectable for many , many reasons and he has to go because simply HE IS NOT UP TO THE JOB AND A BORN LOSER.


  7. you quite laughable Mr Roberts the heart of the labour movement labour movement in Yorkshire voted for brexit. The Rotherham Mps should hang their head in shame and resign. They were elected by the electorate of Rotherham to represent them not the individual MP. 67% of us voted to leave in the borough of Rotherham and they should understand how much out of contact they are with the electorate. They have made this move for personal gain and should resign immediately. Its quite clear the local Mps have no idea of the electorate’s views. When the local elections were taking place I was asked by a labour candidate what my view was so I told her she said ok and left. Where is the canvassing to try to persuade people ? You got what you deserve


    • Well don’t worry.
      There will be an election in the autumn and then the people of Rotherham can vote their MP out.
      So we will be seeing a Tory or UK MP for Rotherham, right ?


  8. So 172 MPs in a ‘secret ballot’ gave a vote of no confidence to Jeremy Corbyn. Will they now return to their constituencies and ask their local memberships to give them a vote of confidence? Methinks not.
    In fact Angela Eagle has been told by her Wirral constituency that if she stands against Corbyn as ‘the unity candidate’ (I know, you couldn’t make it up) she will not get their vote and it will go, instead, to Corbyn.
    I think it is time for those cowardly MPs to return to their constituencies for a reality check. Many of these career politicians will find themselves deselected by Labour members who are fed up and disgusted by the shenanighans.
    Let’s remember these Blairites – and the majority of rebels are and voted for austerity with the Tories – made the Labour Party unelectable in two consecutive General Elections. The Blairites who infected the party in Scotland have now destroyed that party and will never recover.
    I’m actually heartbroken to see the state Labour is now in; one of my proudest moments was being handed my Labour Party card as a teen and one of the saddest was tossing it on the fire in 2003 when the war in Iraq happened.


    • Great Points. I wrote to my MP and he sent me back the same sound bites being expressed by the other MPs who want Jeremy out. In Politics there are not many genuine politicians however Jeremy is one of them.

      As Someone who voted to remain in the EU I can say that he did more than my three local MPs. As I stated in my letter to my MP, if Jeremy needs to go then so do you especially the one for Wentworth who loves the down trodden so much he loves to abstain from voting on cuts to the working people and the disabled.

      As a Labour member and voter and Momentum supporter. Jeremy will stand, Jeremy will win and we will do everything we can to see those who went against the democratic will of the Labour Movement deselected.


  9. While Scotland recently voted to remain PART OF THE UK, Nicola Sturgeon now is doing her own thing north of the border, conveniently ignoring the rest of us. Meanwhile scores of Remainer Labour MPs, whose very own constituents voted to brexit, have the nerve to blame JC for not doing enough and oppose him despite his popularity in the rank and file. Finally, some obnoxious young people scream for the disenfranchisement of older people, many of whom face 30 or 40 years of their own future, post- referendum. We are not dead yet despite their wishes. What is the common theme? An anti democratic spirit. Is this surprising when the EU is anti democratic at it’s heart? Many voted brexit out of racism and xenophobia (bad reasons) but many voted for the sake of democracy. The bad reasons don’t negate the one good reason why, once the dust has settled, democracy will breathe again in a free United Kingdom.


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