MP Sarah Champion quits shadow cabinet

ROTHERHAM MP Sarah Champion (pictured) has stepped down from her shadow ministerial role.

This afternoon, she became the latest member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet to quit as pressure grows on the Labour leader.

Ms Champion, who was shadow minister for preventing abuse, tweeted at just after 5pm: “I have just stepped down from my shadow minister job, but not my responsibilities to my constituents, party or victims of abuse”.

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Rotherham MP Sarah Champion quits shadow cabinet as defiant Corbyn clings on

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion has become the latest Labour party shadow cabinet member to quit in a revolt against leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Champion announced on Twitter she was standing down from her role as shadow cabinet minister for preventing domestic violence and abuse shortly after a secret ballot of Labour MPs passed a no confidence vote in Mr Corbyn.

She said: “I have just stepped down from my shadow minister job, but not my responsibilities to my constituents, party or victims of abuse.”

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12 thoughts on “MP Sarah Champion quits shadow cabinet

    • Well said Paddy. It says a lot when Sarah is one of the better ones.

      But at least she admits the problem in Rotherham unlike many politicians who prefer to airbrush it away like the last 20 years.


      • If she truly cared for the victims of this abuse, would’ve she stay put and fight their corner. Isn’t it better to be in and have a higher profile, than on the outside and have no one listening to you!!


    • Paddy,
      I don’t see what she wrote as using “horrific situation in Rotherham to hurt Mr Corbyn like this”.

      Whilst our party was committed to staying in the EU, Corbyn showed little to no commitment to that objective.
      I voted for him in, but a few days ago I gave up on him.
      I strongly support her in her decision.

      Have you seen Kevin Barron’s e-mail explaining why he voted today against Corbin. (And please understand I have no time for Barron)
      This is the text:
      Dear friends,

      Last week’s result in the EU referendum was a hammer-blow to our party and more importantly the country. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped deliver thousands of leaflets across the constituency during this campaign.

      On this topic, I have received a number of emails referencing a petition set up to call for a second referendum. I do not believe that is how a democracy should work and believe we must respect the will of the people and negotiate an exit that is good for Britain.

      Labour’s official policy position was to back Remain and convince our supporters that was in their best interests. It was expected that 70 – 80% of Labour voters would vote remain. However, in the end it is estimated that only just over 60% actually did. I felt that our campaign lacked references to the big issues of the campaign, in particular Immigration. You know as well as I do that this issue was raised numerous times and has been particularly prevalent in the last few campaigns in Rother Valley.

      Our campaign, led by Jeremy Corbyn, looked out of touch with the issues that were being raised most often. I believe this will have led to many people who voted Labour in Rother Valley last year to consider whether they would ever do so again. Several non-party members have contacted me in recent days to highlight this point. Polling done for the Labour Party showed that 29% of the people who voted Labour in 2015 would not vote Labour in a general election today. That equals 3 million lost voters. These numbers open up the possibility of many ‘safe’ Labour seats being in play in an early general election, which would be horrendous for the people who need Labour most.

      Jeremy is a nice and decent man, but he is not a leader. As I have raised at the GMC on numerous occasions I have had major concerns over some aspects of Jeremy’s leadership. Without a change, Labour could be slaughtered if an election is called in a few months which is now anticipated.

      I have proudly served as the Labour Member of Parliament for Rother Valley for many years and served under six different Labour leaders. A major part of leadership of the party is to give your all to every campaign the party backs, unfortunately it is now clear that Jeremy, as he himself stated, only gave “7 or 7.5ish out of 10” for the most important campaign of our lifetime. That is why I have just voted in support of the motion of no confidence in Jeremy as Party Leader. I believe we need a party leader who can unite the party and take the fight to the Tories and UKIP.

      Thank you again to everyone who campaigned, I know many of you will be saddened by the outcome of the referendum. I am more than happy to discuss any of these issues or the stance that I have taken.


      Kevin Barron MP


      • The people vote for n MP to listen to their views, and you as MP should vote the way the MAJORITY of the people in your constituency ask you to.
        Not do as you are told by the leaders of the Party. You are supposed to be the voice of the public in your own area.


      • To Rik for Regular Reader

        I notice Regular Reader is at it again. Cutting and pasting huge blocks of text despite being told about this before by bloggers as being inappropriate. He knows a link will more than suffice. His penchant to promote his beloved Labour party no matter how desperate is seen through. Of course, ‘he has no time for Barron’ but chooses to use the opportunity.
        In this instance, it does him no favours whatsoever. Why?

        1. Who on earth would be even slightly interested in Barron’s bleatings?
        2. Barron and Champion couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for the Referendum Count. No doubt they thought they had success in the bag and were both drinking g & ts in Derbyshire.
        3. The PLP’s attempt to try and oust their Leader has simply validated their petulant and arrogant behaviour of not getting their own way.
        4. Has anyone else noticed the repetition of the same line of the script being used? ‘Jeremy is a nice man, a decent man but he is not a leader’. Stuck record.
        5. Their petulance has served to remind us of their very advantaged positions and enjoyment of the unreal world as politicos in the London bubble.. They are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ which includes many of their own party membership, have shown them up for their chronic arrogance and shallowness.
        6. Even the LP membership are issuing warnings, including Ged Dempsey’s open letter to Healey. Well done Ged.
        7. Healey waited to resign when he knew the direction of the wind and then ‘hid’ in a group of colleagues he used to endorse his resignation letter. Typical of a dithering fence sitter.
        8. Champion waited so long it would be interesting to know who put her arm up her back or dangled a carrot or two.
        9. Only yesterday, Blunkett talked about bullying and intimidation within the PLP and Pat Glass has resigned her new post in a reconfigured Shadow Cabinet.
        10. The PLP is in serious meltdown all because the blairites are frightened that their comfy status quo has been upturned so they need to blame Corbyn or anyone else except themselves.
        11.The Labour Party will need to no help at all ‘campaigning’ as it seems to have already its self destruct button.


  1. Ged
    You can’t say that.
    The Cllrs forgot to mention it as not important and they had run out of custard creams.

    Only knew about it for upwards of 20+ years

    The MPs were suffering with a bout of amnesia. It was never mentioned by Cllrs or boys in blue to them. honest


  2. She shud also leave as we have no confidence in her after she decides to leave Jeremy cobyn For other corrupted mps.
    Jeremy cobyn is the right leader for labour
    His mandate is still big so doesn’t make different if they voted no confidence.


  3. @Loudmouth
    “If she truly cared for the victims of this abuse, would’ve she stay put and fight their corner”

    I am not a fan of Champion but I do accept she raised the profile of abuse victims.
    To answer your question: As a backbench MP she can ask any question she wants. As a Shadow Minister she is effectively gagged and although I think she waited until she was certain which way the PLP would vote before she resigned she can now go back to the photo ops she loves and, you never know, she might actually be seen in Rotherham.
    Unlike Sir Nutkin who is allegedly auditioning for the lead role in a remake of The Invisible Man.


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