Corbyn to face Labour leadership challenge from Angela Eagle

Angela Eagle will challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership on Thursday, the BBC understands.

It is believed the former shadow business secretary has the support of the 51 MPs needed to mount a challenge.

Ms Eagle was one of 20 members of Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet to quit since Sunday, which led to MPs passing a motion of no confidence in Mr Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn’s allies say they believe he will win an election and have urged it to take place as quickly as possible.

Earlier, deputy leader Tom Watson ruled himself out of a potential contest and said Mr Corbyn was refusing to stand down despite his position being untenable,.

Mr Watson said the Labour leader had rebuffed his calls to resign, leaving the party “in an impasse” which risked turning into an “existential crisis”.

Mr Corbyn has refused to “betray” party members who backed him by resigning and his backers say a formal leadership contest would be needed to depose him.

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12 thoughts on “Corbyn to face Labour leadership challenge from Angela Eagle

  1. What are they on?

    Tom Watson said today…
    My party is in peril, we are facing an existential crisis and I just don’t want us to be in this position because I think there are millions of people in this country who need a left-leaning government.”

    Did not you and the PLP not create this coup attempt!!


    • Great point. Bring it on! I can say that Jeremy is more popular than ever with Labour members. He will will and they will not only lose but must be deselected. The right want a coup and they will get more than they could ever imagine.


  2. The comments on here really make me laugh.
    I know I am talking to the brainwashed, but I will still try some reason ……………………………

    The Labour party activists don’t elect governments.
    Outside of the brainwashed lefties who populate the rump that remains of the Labour Party , no one in the UK is going to vote for Corbyn.
    He fails on every characteristic required of a leader, and to add those failings, you can add hypocrisy.
    The pro-Corbynites on here can live in a fantasy world where Corbyn becomes PM.
    I bet Jurrasic park is your favourite film.


  3. Apparently some 250 or so Labour councillors have signed a letter of support for Jeremy Corbyn, Rotherham ones as follows,

    Councillor John Williams, Rotherham
    Councillor David Sheppard, Rotherham
    Councillor Richard Price, Rotherham
    Councillor Wendy Cooksey, Rotherham
    Councillor John Williams, Rotherham
    Councillor Richard Price, Rotherham

    I also someone say that 250 equates to about 10% or less ? I wouldn’t profess to know.

    I agree with Tom Roberts though, Corbyn simply hasn’t got what it takes to lead the Labour party, much less a government.


  4. Hooray. The media will finish her off and she will be unable to take the flak before the tears.

    The members know how she has voted on issues. Expected to accept unprincipled status quo as pre Corbyn.
    Just like rest of the tories on both sides.


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