Boris Johnson rules himself out of Conservative leader race

Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of the race to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister.

In a speech in London – billed as his campaign launch – Mr Johnson said he did not believe he could provide the leadership or unity needed.

It comes after Justice Secretary and fellow Brexit campaigner Michael Gove’s surprise announcement on Thursday morning that he would run for leader.

Home Secretary Theresa May is among the candidates. Nominations closed at noon.

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15 thoughts on “Boris Johnson rules himself out of Conservative leader race

  1. Class act – the usual seagull stuff, waft in, crap all over the place and piss off to the next opportunity for nicking chips out of people’s hands.

    And that’s a real shame, cos I was looking forward to having a trump in charge of the US and a johnson (American meaning) in charge of the UK


      • To Regular Reader
        There you go again, acting like a judge and jury but then you think you know it as well as being a Labour supporter endorses you. I mean look at the mess the Labour Party are in both locally and nationally, your judgements (and Labour’s) have not been too sound so far.


        • No, Labour according to RR, is the only crediable alternative to our country’s problems, not withstanding they would make it even worse. As for credibility, nobody would trust a bunch of out of touch, ecomomical illiterates, immigration supporters, child abusers deniers, as this party as turn out to be.


  2. ‘Gove and Leadsom, make my skin crawl’

    Could be worse.
    Corbyn and McDonnell? Captain Birdseye and Mao’s apologist.


    • They surely would look out of place in the Conservative Party.

      Can anyone tell me, are the Conservative’s having a leadership election or are we having an all out general election?


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