Over 500 councillors tell Corbyn: time to step down

More than 500 Labour councillors have signed a public statement calling on Jeremy Corbyn to resign as leader and “make way for the new leadership”.

It is the biggest sign yet of pressure from the party’s grassroots on Corbyn to go, and follows several no confidence motions passed by local constituency Labour parties (CLPs), including Battersea and Tooting. Holborn & St Pancras CLP, meanwhile, last night rejected a pro-Corbyn confidence motion – suggesting that Corbyn’s supposed strong London support base is not as rock solid as some presume.

The letter is signed by nearly 550 Labour councillors, who claim a breadth of opinion within the party and say they are “from a number a traditions within our movement”, including some who voted for Corbyn last year.. They praise Corbyn as “an honourable man” and credit his record of public service, particularly in local government.

Read on… http://labourlist.org/2016/06/over-500-councillors-tell-corbyn-time-to-step-down/

Local signatories:

Cllr Alan Atkin, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Cllr Amy Rushforth, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Cllr Emma Hoddinott, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Understand this has been taken down, a restored version below for those who have missed this:


10 thoughts on “Over 500 councillors tell Corbyn: time to step down

  1. He will be too busy trying to downplay another Labour scandal brewing on front page of the Advertiser ?? It Never ends


  2. So the girls want a return to the gravy train and parachutes.

    Atkin was bought years ago. Not brightest tool in box. And no politics. Just nod alan


  3. Apparently a number of councillors whose names appeared on the list have complained that they did not sign it. More dirty tricks designed to undermine democracy. I don’t know where Corbyn is summoning his strength from but I’m glad he is and hope he stands firm and lets the members decide.


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