Momentum set to mobilise thousands to back Corbyn this weekend

Corbynite pressure group Momentum is expected to muster thousands of activists in a series of emergency rallies to counter what it describes as the “deeply undemocratic” efforts to oust Jeremy Corbyn. In response to the no confidence vote earlier this week, the left-wing faction has organised rallies and events in order to demonstrate grassroots support for Corbyn, as well as his anti-war and anti-austerity policies. Protests have been planned in Manchester, Liverpool, Exeter, Plymouth, Penzance for the weekend, as well as emergency meetings to bring together

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8 thoughts on “Momentum set to mobilise thousands to back Corbyn this weekend

  1. Momentum is the latest incarnation of the Militant Tendency that propelled Labour into oblivion decades ago. All the red-tinted sheep willl be out with their purple SWP placards shouting meaningless slogans, making sure that Labour is seen to be supported by mindless idiots.
    If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny.
    Well, no, it actually IS funny come to think of it, in a retro sort of way.


  2. Or maybe enough time is being sought, especially till the 6th of July.

    And probably why the PM steps down in September.

    Still plenty of lol factor to come.


  3. The left in Labour tends to come out when he centre & centre left are weak and divided. This has been the case for some time, with the Party prepared to accept lower and lower standard of behaviour from members and associates.

    Corbyn is a symptom of these internal weaknesses caused by internal divisions and wars within the PLP and NEC along with a few unions testing their strength.

    Note that towards the end of the Leadership selection process, when it became apparent he was going to win, none of the other candidates were prepared to stand down and rally behind a centrist candidate.

    Being frank, it has been a mess for some years, especially since the dreadful disarray caused by personality struggles between Blairites and Brownites.

    An example is not their policy on immigration, they don’t have one. Because really they have been so divided that they can’t agree anything of substance and clarity.


  4. Sometimes I just don’t get it. Ordinary people asking to live in peace and to have the opportunity to earn a decent wage to provide for themselves or their families and they are called militants. What do you call those MPs who abuse their allowances and have all sorts of advisory roles on private boards and yet vote on austerity packages that would make Thatcher blush? Why do some everyday people feel it is a leftist agenda to share wealth? I will be standing with Jeremy as he represents the party not the interest of career politicians and their backers.


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