Emma the ambitious

Our very own ‘not fit for purpose’, Cllr Emma Hoddinott, wife of the charismatic leader Read, is looking to board the gravy train again….choo choo!

Our Emma is a wannabee MP.

She was ousted as a council cabinet member during the CSE scandal as ‘not fit for purpose’ but her Cllr husband parachuted her back on the cabinet. Helpful when he’s the leader of the trough.

She claims to be a unison official, despite not cutting her teeth like many unison reps at the workplace.

But it looks good on the old CV.

Our Emma has shown once again, that ambition far outstrips her commitment to unison policies and values.

According to Facebook, she has shown contempt to unison, by voting against Jeremy Corbyn and by also signing a letter by 500 Cllrs.

This again shows she prefers to back the ruthless actions of MPs in recent days towards her party leader.

Their General Secretary Dave Prentis may be next?

It does show she has the MP qualities of disloyalty and self interest, that has been in ready supply in the PLP.

Wonder if knifes are in short supply at the town hall too?

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Sent this by Termite, though readers might be interested:

Emma Hoddinott Unison


16 thoughts on “Emma the ambitious

  1. Not to mention the “not fitters,” who can’t wait to tell anyone with ears, how many years they have been a Councillor… and yet no one confided in them about CSE?
    Is that what they meant by being not fit for purpose or should that be past their sell by date?


  2. Emma has ambition but her problem is unfortunately, she is devoid of discernible political ability!
    Anyway, doesn’t Emma realise, Rother Valley is already stitched up in favour of, the quite repulsive, Amy Rushforth, Kevin Barron’s daughter?


  3. What we need to do is put her on a zero you contract so what she does she gets paid the minimum wage. I guess her attitude would change about Jeremy after a few visits to her nearest food bank.


  4. Emma Hoddinott has applied to be a Labour candidate before, somewhere in Sheffield I seem to recall. She didn’t impress.

    Amy Rushforth for Rother Valley? Really? Are they looking to dumb down?


    • Really? Thought he said on oath how much it had affected his grown up son and Healey gets stomach knots. Really? Bet he’s never asked the 1400 victims how they feela dn cope.


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