Winning a libel decision, is not always the end of the matter……..

……….a warning from history?

Two cases that should serve as a warning to all politicians seeking redress through the Courts for Libel!

In cases of libel, the defendant inevitably, is going to investigate the claimants, as thoroughly as possible! The claimants will also do the same thing to the defendant.

Jonathan Aitken in 1999 and Lord Archer in 2001, ended up doing jail time for Perjury after winning their libel actions in court, because they were discovered, to have lied to the libel court.

History has a habit of repeating itself! Maybe, if only they had listened…….

Jonathan Aitken

Jeffrey Archer

In the case of Barron & Healey vs Vines, it would appear they were so keen to issue proceedings for libel, they omitted a pretty basic check on Caven Vines.

To ascertain whether, in the event of them winning their case, he would be ‘of good standing’, in the real world that means, Caven Vines had the assets to pay damages and costs.

They got that one badly wrong, when it emerged shortly after the conclusion, Caven Vines was bankrupt!

9 thoughts on “Winning a libel decision, is not always the end of the matter……..

  1. And Belmarsh was a home to look back on. Did not Mac Shane McShane or a similar name appear on Belmarsh files for financial irregularities.

    I wonder?


  2. There is quite a list of MPs during this century who have been jailed for one thing or another.

    Archer and Aitken were jailed for perjury. Although the likes of Denis McShane (Rotherham MP), Eric Ilsley (Barnsley MP) and Eliott Morley (NE Lincs MP) were amongst others involved in the Expenses scandal and jailed as a result.

    It is said that those elected since 2010 are more likely to be convicted of an offence than Jo/Joan Public.


  3. But the action against him was brought a year before he lost his seat. If he appeals and wins he may hit the jackpot.


  4. Going into this action with a CFA and ATE in place seems to suggest that they set out with one objective in mind just what were they scared off ???


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