New HS2 plans for South Yorkshire recommended

A HS2 station is not now being recommended to be built at Meadowhall, instead the Sheffield city region could end up with three stations that can link to the £55.7 billion scheme.

Construction on HS2, the high speed North to South rail link that aims to provide extra capacity to handle increasing demand, will begin during this Parliament and has been given a funding envelope of £55.7 billion in 2015 prices. It should reach Birmingham in 2026 and Manchester and Leeds by 2033.

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Download: HS2 Ltd briefing pack for Rotherham

– Plans through the area

– HS2 events page that they’ve told nobody about

HS2 South Yorkshire route change threatens new estate

A new housing estate could be bulldozed if changes to the planned high-speed rail route HS2 go ahead.

HS2 has announced a new route through South Yorkshire, scrapping a proposed station in Meadowhall in favour of a stop in Sheffield city centre.

People living on the Shimmer estate in Mexborough have been told that “some or all of their land” may be required if the plans are approved.

Resident Amie Webster told the BBC the “bottom has fallen out of our world”.

The newly proposed route will run east towards the M18 before rejoining the original route south of the M62.

Meanwhile high-speed trains will use existing tracks to access Sheffield, stopping at the city’s Midland station.

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Warning on HS2 as new South Yorkshire plan unveiled

THE MAN in charge of delivering HS2 has warned the North must continue to campaign for the high speed rail project as he unveils a new plan for the route and stations in South Yorkshire.

In a partial victory for campaigners in Sheffield, the new plan is expected to suggest two trains an hour should be diverted onto a spur off the mainline east of Chesterfield and into the existing Sheffield Midland station.

A further connection taking trains North from Sheffield back onto the mainline could be built as part of the transpennine high speed rail project dubbed HS3.

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Delight for Sheffield on HS2 decision – but political row looms over scrapping Meadowhall option

Sheffield politicians and business leaders have welcomed new plans to bring HS2 to the city centre – but the decision to scrap the Meadowhall option is to be challenged by other South Yorkshire MPs.

HS2 bosses say stopping their original plan of building a new high-speed station at Meadowhall and instead directing services to the existing Sheffield Midland station via a ‘spur’ off the main new north-south line will save £1bn.

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Stop HS2 website:

BBC Look North HS2:

The start of a local campaign: click to download: Leaflet



27 thoughts on “New HS2 plans for South Yorkshire recommended

  1. Rob Foulds got it bang to rights on Rothbiz:

    “So let’s just get this right – the original route ran between Rotherham and Sheffield, and through Barnsley, thereby giving immediate access to three main conurbations via the established and frequent public transport infrastructure within those areas.

    Whereas the new route circumnavigates all of the towns in South Yorkshire and by implication, connects to a very limited number of public transport routes.

    HS2 – serving only those who can afford it and stuff the riff-raff of South Yorkshire!!”

    Here we go again then, we saw off the idiots that wanted to put a tram through our area, the idiots from HS2 will be given the same treatment.

    Onwards and upwards


  2. Great news!

    I travel on the Sheffield – St Pancras route regularly and have been doing so for the last 15 years.

    I live in Rotherham/Rother Vale and is a damn sight easier for me to get to and from Sheffield Midland Station by even public transport than it is for me to get to MeadowHell by any form of transport.

    If HS2 were to have had its station at Meadowhell, I would have continued to use Sheffield Midland Station whilst routeing via Doncaster onto the route from there into Kings Cross.


      • It is far more relevant than what you wrote Trambustr – since it is based on my own practical experience.
        Perhaps who can guide me on what tram you busted and why?


        • To Regular Reader
          I can’t decide whether its your arrogance, ignorance, pomposity or insensitivity that is so insulting. You clearly know little about Rotherham’s past and deserve no reply from Trambuster who is not accountable to you


    • Most snobs I’ve come across in recent years always refer to “Meadowhell”
      Meadowhall is one of the very few local success stories despite what some blinkered idiots think. You don’t have to use it but why abuse it ? Petty minded prat.


  3. HS2 will be a very,very expensive white elephant.
    The proposed new route will not bring permanent new jobs nor new opportunities to our sector of the (alleged) ‘Northern Powerhouse’. Ignoring Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster means that once again Sheffield and Leeds will get the lion’s share of any purported benefits.

    Andrew Denniff, Chief Executive at Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce said; “We have been consistent from Day One in supporting the HS2 option for Meadowhall as we felt that was the best option for the whole city region. The new proposal from HS2 appears to offer a solution that gives something to everyone and still manages to provide a link into the main route for Sheffield city centre. I am sure this will meet with widespread approval, it’s just a shame this could not have been tabled some years ago and we could have been much further advanced with the project and indeed saved a lot of time and expense”.

    I’ll have whatever he has in his coffee.


  4. Devolution Sheffield City Region the clue is in the name
    Meadowhall is the central hub for rail transport to all South Yorkshire towns so it made perfect sense to put the HS2 Connection their ( That’s if a HS2 was needed)
    But now they have all signed up to the northern power house it will be Sheffield calling the shots
    Rotherham will get nothing only a few scraps just look at who is our representative The Leader of no experience in business or even having a proper job Read he will just do as his Labour masters tell him to do
    Remember on Wednesday he said no mayor on Friday he signed up to having a mayor
    I rest my case


  5. I will also mention Dominic Beck-‘Corporate Affairs Manager’ at BRCC.
    “Ultimately responsible for everything to do with internal and external communications, government relations, PR and public policy”

    He failed again.


  6. Caven Vines
    Totally agree. Not a peep out of schoolboy ‘wet behind the ears’ Read or his nepotistic cabinet appointment; partner Emma Hoddinott or buddy Sue Ellis. They could find time to have pic taken outside the Aldi site in Bramley but nothing about this but are silent over this. Even the Mayor of Doncaster was on TV standing up for her constituents.

    Sheffield Council have had three years to contest this and now HS2 big cheeses think they can just dump an alternative route which will cut a huge swathe through the rural countryside. Absoltey appalling.


  7. In the age of t’internet and video conferencing HS2 is totally irrelevant and should be scrapped. We cannot afford it and do not need it !


  8. Pardon my ignorance but won’t adding a spur using an existing line will add to journey time – and increase the chance of delays? If so then what’s the point?

    I think 50 billion would be better invested in flying car research or teleporters – trust UK to spend so much money on such a victorian invention – seriously though wouldn’t investement have been better spent linking our “Northern Powerhouse” cities?


  9. The concept behind the ‘Northern powerhouse’ is the economy created by the combined conurbations east-west across the country i.e. Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Hull, together with all of the smaller boroughs associated with those areas.

    So, since when does a train line running south to London have any relevance to the ‘powerhouse’?

    Quite simply, it’s a vanity project to serve only wealthy people swanning to and fro from London.


  10. With train tickets as expensive as they are now, it’ll be cheaper to fly by luxury jet than to buy a ticket on the HS2. None of the benefits will be felt by ordinary people.


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  13. What good is this to Bramley Rotherham. Not as though we can nip down to the slacks to. Catch a train. Well let us all have the up Evil. Your alright Jack.


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  16. Those living next to the train line in Bramley will probably also lose what little environmental buffer there is between their houses and the M1 when they cut down the trees bordering the motorway. I don’t suppose the politics will be foremost in their minds when their whole quality of life will be permanently changed for the worse.


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