Corbynista revolution: Will it end in more disillusion for young people

Corbynista revolution: Will it end in more disillusion for young people

Things are rarely what they seem in politics, and the Corbynista revolution is no different.

Corbyn’s support group Momentum highlight increased membership from young new members; they’re not so keen to mention the hotchpotch bands of faux Trotskyites, old time Stalinists and Tories with a mischievous sense of humour

Nonetheless, Corbyn has generated a wave of optimism among the disillusioned.

The people surfing that tide are the Unions, with Len McCluskey and UNITE using it to build their power and even up some old scores within the Party.

As I write the purge of unwanted MPs has begun.

Technically, Labour MPs can’t be deselected until there is something to be elected for.  For now, Constituency Labour Party meetings are seeing a spate of motions trying to tie the CLP into supporting Corbyn and criticising overtly or implicitly their local MP. Laying the ground for deselection fights come election time. All three Rotherham MP’s need watch their backs.

Again, while headlining the new members, these motions are actually being orchestrated by union organisers and activists who are quite happy to generate anger among the young, tarnishing almost all Labour MPs as capitalist flunkies of the Thatcher/Blair/Murdoch fascist right…yes they really use that language.

It’s reported that this weekend Len (himself only voted UNITE President by 10% of members) is closeted with a few other would be power brokers sorting out a peace deal for Labour.  Strangely Corbyn isn’t present.

Whatever the result of the PLP and Corbyn fight, election or no,  McCluskey and the unions will help to disappoint and disillusion the idealistic youth.

The Unions problem is choice is a lot of power in a leftist fringe political party, or significant influence in a more middle of the road electable party. He will choose the latter and union activists will be instructed accordingly.

Remember, in the referendum only 33% of 18-24 year olds voted, while 84% of over 65s did. That’s politics and the unions know where the electorate power is.  McClusky will also be aware of his own member’s feelings about Corbyn. Recently he dismissed an opinion poll of 750 members showing 65% think Corbyn is doing a poor job. But if you take away his activists that’s probably 750 more member opinions than he’s polled himself..

The sell-out of the young is already beginning in McClusky’s power brokering meetings, and once the Unions have what they want it will be complete. If the Union leaders get their way things Labour will soon go back to their old ways, but they#ll have a some more power.

Of course that is unless they judge it wrongly, and are one of the many forces that are breaking the Party up.

Wil Ewart

15 thoughts on “Corbynista revolution: Will it end in more disillusion for young people

  1. Let’s get one thing straight; before Corbyn the party had a dwindling membership and was unelectable. Under Corbyn’s leadership the party now exceeds 600k members and he has the largest ever mandate of any political leader in the party’s history. He has increased the membership beyond most expectations.
    News is just coming through that Angela Eagle has trashed the thoughts and wishes of her CLP to stand as a “unity” candidate … an announcement she’ll formally make on Monday. Unity? This from an MP that voted for war in Iraq, is a Blaire through and through and right off the back of Chilcot! if this doesn’t display the sort of arrogance and illustrate how out of touch old ‘new’ Labour is then I don’t know what will.
    The young people flooding in to the party want the energy and sincerity of Corbyn and not a bunch of tired old Torylites. If they don’t like it they can always peel off and form their own party … but would anyone vote for a bunch of Red Tories? Look to Scotland for that answer – the Labour Party is irrelevant now and will not recover for decades, if at all.


    • “…the largest ever mandate of any political leader in the party’s history.”

      This is neither true on the percentages nor on the number of members.

      Corbyn won 251, 000 votes and 59% of the vote in last years election. In 1988 Neil Kinnock won 88% of the vote. In 1992, John Smith won 92%. In 1994 Tony Blair, though polling just under JC’s percentage at 57%, secured 400, 000 individual votes.

      In any case, the leader’s mandate with the members is irrelevant. The 172 members of the PLP who have no confidence in him have a mandate from the electorate of over 9 million.

      JC has no mandate from the wider electorate – and he won’t ever win one.


  2. Unfortunately British Poitics is the same as EU.
    You can’t completely change things from within, or you will be out.
    Young people voted for an EEC but got EU Dictatorship.
    Socialists want the best for workers and social funds but that is not always
    what Britain can afford, or even really wants to the Nth degree.
    Britain needs powerful leadership, with conscience to take on the world…

    The more I travelled the more I realised that all countries work together for the benefit
    of themselves not others but this does mean that everyone gets something.
    I noticed people’s greed or even Averice is at the top of their list, whether they be pauper or president. (Except the kindness of strangers)

    No matter how hard you try, how devoted you are to a cause, even sustainability
    is seen as a product that can only be gained because it is cheaper or easier than alternatives,
    not a goal.
    Socialism is a dream that everyone wants but cannot afford. No matter how hard you try and plan,
    Life is always a compromise…


  3. Labour & the conservative,s have wanted young people to engage in politics , and they have both succeeded. But the young people won’t be told which way to vote . When labour made it £3 to join. & all members voted for the leader it’s was called democracy . But MP,s don’t like democracy our 3 MP,s voted remain Chris read voted remain the Rotherham public voted leave . Democracy is a powerful tool


  4. Tom Watson has cancelled the meeting with Unite so it’s all academic really. It was never going anywhere because McCluskey offered to help broker a deal whereby the aprty unites behind Corbyn. That was ever likely to happen and Watson et al were hoping to use the meetings as a means to try to get the unions to persuade Corbyn to resign. The PLP are deluded; if Angela Eagle (or whoever) puts up as a challenger they are likely to be soundly beaten and indeed humiliated. I don’t expect Eagle to be the challenger. I suspect her name is being touted as she was the choice of at least one of the biggest two unions for Deputy Leader last time around. I expect to see an arch Blairite, Progress type come through as the challenger to Corbyn. I hope that’s how it pans out as it would almost certainly result in defeat for the challenger and we can finally lay Blairism to rest.


    • Robin is spot on.

      The feeling was that Tom was attempting to hoodwink and mislead trade unionists who are well versed in employer tricks.

      Watson has put the final nail into his own coffin for his macaevelia. He went to glastonbury to appear to be off the radar. Its believed he was busy really co-ordinating the rebels and treachery.

      The MPs arrogance and self interest show no bounds who continue to sell out the members and Labour voters.

      Just watched JC at Durham Miners Gala. It was refreshing to have a genuine Labour leader talking about the very issues that for too long Nu Labour and tories have airbrushed away. It can be viewed on you tube.

      Finally, ALL the so called Labour MPs who refused to listen and voted against the public and our values on Iraq, welfare, student fees – also supported the coup.

      They are like the grand old duke of york…marooned at top of the hill

      They have lost the plot and made themselves look very silly!

      Why have they pressed the self destruct button? Its reckless and futile.

      Why is the fallen indecisive eagle practicing her oke kokey?

      Why are they failing to stand up for the electorate and fight the tories?

      The party and its leader were more generous than they needed to be. They offered the plotters, snipers and coupers an olive branch to come back into the fold and work together.

      MPs now have a clear choice.

      1 They can listen to members and get back in line, roll their sleeves up and do their jobs. Show loyalty and fight the tories.?

      2 Stand for immediate re election and get a fresh mandate?

      3 Resign so we can select a Labour MP to fight the tories and their policies.

      4 Defect to tories or ukip?


      • The amount of disloyalty by Blairite MP’s is shocking. This group of Tony Blair waxworks have driven the working class in to a brick wall through their trickery and misdeeds.

        They talk about “concerns over immigrations” when they know services have failed to be invested in, why not talk about investment?

        They talk about “difficult decisions” when they know these decisions leave people in huge doubt over their future and that of the families they love, why not talk about support and change?

        The Blairites had their day and it failed, quite simply put, its time they went!


  5. Eagle has announced that she will mount her challenge to JC on Monday next ! Desperate times ahead for the Labour Party ! Blairites still f**king things up for the country !


  6. What happens to the numpties, 172 of them, if, as is very likely, Corbyn gets re-elected as leader? Do they become the wreckers? To be then seen as the ones who smashed up the party. Or do they elect their own leader? Or, being the cowards and money grabbers they are, capitulate? The referendum certainly put a bomb under British politics.
    Dave Smith


  7. I think Len McCluskey has summed up the situation nicely.

    Unite Press Release

    For immediate use: Saturday 9 July 2016

    Len McCluskey statement on the Labour Leadership

    Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said in response to Tom Watson’s statement issued today (Saturday 9 July):

    “I am dismayed at the statement issued by Tom Watson announcing his withdrawal from talks aimed at resolving the crisis in the Labour Party.

    “Extraordinarily I received no notice of this statement before it was issued. I had made arrangements for a meeting of trade union leaders, Tom Watson and representatives of the PLP and the Party Leader for tomorrow, arrangements requested by Tom Watson and his colleagues, specifically for Mr Watson’s convenience.

    “In that context, when the possibility of a workable plan had never seemed closer, Tom Watson’s actions today can only look like an act of sabotage fraught with peril for the future of the Labour Party.

    “I must clarify one point in Tom Watson’s statement – I made it absolutely clear from the outset of these discussions that Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation as the Leader was not on the agenda. Mr Watson knew that, and it is entirely wrong to suggest that any public statement by Jeremy represented any change in the situation. This is a deeply disingenuous manoeuvre.

    “I will continue to work with trade union colleagues and others to chart a way forward, including meeting the legitimate concerns of Labour MPs. Should there have to be a leadership election, I must warn that any attempts to keep Jeremy Corbyn, elected just ten months ago with an enormous mandate, off the ballot paper by legal means risks a lasting division in the Party.

    “It is time for everyone to commit to a democratic and dignified procedure as the only way to avert such a disaster for working people.”



  8. Cannot wait for the meltdown. They certainly have not thought this one through. Angie runs against Jeza, Jeza wins. Jeza now has a massive mandate from the rank and file.
    So where does that leave our three, “my feelings have been hurt” loyal Labour Warriors ?. Their options are:-
    (1) Bow and katow and on bended knees,say sorry dear Leader. lick boots whilst offering their full support.
    (2) Resign the labour whip, and stand as an Independent ( but hang on we voted for a Labour Candidate) Risk an Election call from the Public.
    (3) Break away with others and form a new Party, ( but hang on we voted for a Labour candidate) Risk an election from the Public.
    Meanwhile Angies crying cos she has no job.
    Cannot wait.


  9. Stuart They may have that decision made for them when the truth and nothing but the truth comes out the fat lady is still to sing??


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