HS2 – community opposition starts

Below is the first sign of community opposition to emerge to HS2.

Would be interested to hear from other campaigns that may be gearing up along the route? Please send your information here, Rik.


Published previously: New HS2 plans for South Yorkshire recommended

10 thoughts on “HS2 – community opposition starts

  1. I see Trambuster is getting in to this issue as per usual.

    I am opposed to HS2 but also opposed to ego massage sessions for Mr Foulds.

    Him and his gang are vicious and will do nothing but divide people over this significant issue.


  2. HS2 is not needed in the age of the internet and video conferencing. It will also exceed it’s already, ridiculously massive budget. Scrap the entire scheme before Osbourne bankrupts the nation !


  3. Perhaps it should be called RH2
    Red Herring too.
    Anything to distract the populous from the real problems that need money spending on,
    like the NHS, training (for NHS jobs,) schools, housing, training for jobs (general)
    AND electrification of Leeds to London rail line…
    Oh dear, have I said too much common sense for one day…


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  5. I think you will find Mr Foulds contributed greatly to the demise of the Bawtry Road “supertram”, thus saving the Taxpayers of Rotherham millions. I think its 1-0 to Mr Foulds.


  6. Seems to me there are a lot of new houses in Bramley along this route which will bear the huge impact that HS2 will bring. Not only the line itself, but also the massive disruption that constructing this white elephant will cause to the community as a whole.


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