Someone is joking, surely?

Rotherham ‘masterplan’ to allow town centre to compete with Meadowhall

A new masterplan to regenerate Rotherham town centre so it can compete with Meadowhall is to be drawn up.

Rotherham Council commissioners and cabinet members have approved the creation of a new plan for the next decade that will potentially result in the building of a new cinema and theatre, as well as town-centre and waterfront housing.

It is expected that a firm will be appointed in September to help create the plan.

A report to councillors said the aim of the plan is to create a ‘connected and prosperous wider town centre’ that will create jobs and increase the town’s ‘profile as a major leisure and visitor destination’.

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9 thoughts on “Someone is joking, surely?

  1. Is this RMBC’s equivalent of HS2 lots of cash spent up front on “planning and evaluation” producing nothing in the end and definitely nothing that will pay its way or any return for the local taxpayers funding?


  2. Well if it’s a plan, 5-10 yrs is the giveaway, looks like developers are holding Rotherham to ransom.

    You scratch my back I scratch yours, democracy alive and well in Rotherham.


  3. My proposal is to bulldoze the town centre and extend Clifton Park through to the New York stadium. This would require demolition of the Town Hall, but a few portacabins at Templeborough would more than suffice . Ice cream vans will thrive in this new Renaissance centre , attracting the many unemployed currently occupying All Saints Square.

    Please feel free to add your ideas before this proposal is put to the Commissioners.


  4. You really couldn’t make this up.
    “I have a brilliant idea. We’ll allow a retail complex to be built on the site of the old Parkgate Iron Works”.
    “Good idea,think of the major high street names it will attract”
    “And we can put on a free bus service so shoppers can get there”.
    “All those in favour?” “Good”

    Sometime later……………………………….”We ought to do something about the lack of shoppers and the general state of Rotherham Town centre”
    “Let’s commission a survey by one of those specialist outfits that can produce a plan to revive Rotherham”
    “All those in favour?” “Right, we’ll do that then”.
    And so on ad infinitum.

    Labour councillors have the long term vision and economic literacy of a slug.
    A simple question for Labour councillors: How do you propose to ‘revitalise’ Rotherham town centre when there is a major shopping complex less than 10 minutes drive away? A shopping experience that does not require the good people of this town to bypass numerous charity/fast food and betting shops and also provides free parking?

    Answers on a Post-It note to wannabee Chris Read c/o a Quiet and Dark Room somewhere in Town Hall Towers.


    • “Labour councillors have the long term vision and economic literacy of a slug.”

      That’s really unfair to slugs Colin, shame on you, lol.


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