Theresa May on verge of becoming our second woman PM

‘Together we will build a better Britain’: New Tory leader Theresa May delivers vision for the country ahead of coronation as Prime Minister on Wednesday

Theresa May will become Britain’s second female prime minister on Wednesday evening after David Cameron makes his final Commons appearance as premier.

Mr Cameron hailed his successor as “strong and competent” as he announced he would go to Buckingham Palace to offer his resignation to the Queen following Prime Minister’s Questions.

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Theresa May on verge of becoming our second woman PM as Leadsom quits Tory leadership race

THERESA May is on the verge of becoming Britain’s second woman prime minister after Andrea Leadsom quit the race to be Conservative leader.

Giving a statement outside her home, Mrs Leadsom confirmed she was abandoning her Conservative leadership bid after a weekend of bruising headlines.

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Why Andrea Leadsom stepped aside for Theresa May

The referendum on our place in the EU was only 18 days ago – longer than a decent summer holiday, but only just. On the eve of the vote we thought that it might change just about everything in British politics, the campaign alone felt like it had thrown everything up in the air. And now what happens next has become rapidly clear.

The result claimed the legacy of our current prime minister, and in less than a fortnight, has produced our next one, Theresa May.

Ironically, given that she’s one of the most careful and cautious politicians around and not necessarily a believer in fast decisions, Mrs May will move into Number 10 far more quickly than she would ever have imagined, and without having to campaign for job in the way she and her team had planned for.

By the end of last week she was the clear frontrunner, with nearly 200 MPs on board, but many Conservatives felt that their activists around the country could be seriously charmed by Andrea Leadsom.

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4 thoughts on “Theresa May on verge of becoming our second woman PM

  1. “My husband knows who I am. My friends, my family, they know I would never lie”
    Andrea Leadsom

    Well maybe she wasn’t Priminister material.

    ‘I’ve been under attack, it’s been shattering’: Andrea Leadsom apologises to Theresa May over motherhood comments and admits furore has left her hurt

    A nation of cop-outs, no one likes to be told what to do anymore, I suppose we need another Iron lady.

    UK productivity gap widens to worst level since records began | Business | The Guardian


  2. She lived the dream, love the limelight and thought this was a fairytale and she was Cinderalla, destine to waltz into number 10 with her Prince Charming. Then someone had a good look at her, asked a few ?s and guess what, the tinsel started fading, what a plonker. The ultimate dumb Blonde, I got humped and produce a few sprongs, get back in the Kitchen and doing the womanly function. That’s a good girl Andrea.


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