Corbyn wins vote on leadership rules

Labour Leadership battle: Defiant Jeremy Corbyn says Labour MPs must come together

A defiant Jeremy Corbyn said Labour MPs will understand they have to come together after it was agreed to automatically include him on the ballot in the party’s leadership contest.

The Opposition leader said he was “delighted” that the secret vote of the ruling National Executive Committee went in his favour after hours of discussions at the party’s headquarters in central London.

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Corbyn wins vote on leadership rules

Jeremy Corbyn can defend Labour leadership automatically without needing backing of MPs, party’s ruling body says

Jeremy Corbyn will be automatically included on the ballot in Labour’s leadership contest, the party’s National Executive Committee.

Unions said party rules were clear the incumbent who is challenged must be allowed to stand but his opponents said he needed support of 51 MPs or MEPs.

The leadership contest was sparked after ex-shadow cabinet minister Angela Eagle challenged Mr Corbyn.

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Labour executive rules Jeremy Corbyn must be on leadership ballot

National committee boosts leader’s chances of survival, saying he does not need MPs’ support to run in election

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Jeremy Corbyn to be automatically included on the ballot in Labour’s leadership contest following NEC vote

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17 thoughts on “Corbyn wins vote on leadership rules

  1. MPs have failed party and public. They are the reason why people rejected remain as its them that are disconnected. Instead of the coup and backstabbing they should have been fighting the tories against their callous policies that affect our communities.
    Against zero hour contracts, welfare attacks. Poor transport and poverty.

    They have wasted weeks in self seeking division to show the worst excesses of politics. People want to move on from the rejected blaiite/ nu labour project and an alternative.

    MPs should now listen and do their jobs that they are well paid for.

    The anti democratic attempt to do a MP stitchup has failed.
    I fully support the call for mandatory selection of MP.s.
    The PLP must reflect the views of the membership. And it’s obvious that many of them have lost our trust.


    • All three blood sucking back stabbing leaches, we do not care what you think once we have been voted in,why will you not do as you are told by us.Time the three rotherham mps were made to resign as the do not share the backing of 69% off the people in rotherham


  2. Looks like the only solution to having MPs who are so disconnected from the people they represent and also seem to be interested in power for powers sake plus the perks rather than using power to make a positive difference to people’s lives is to start de-selecting.


    • To Sarah Alice
      Now steady on there.
      Healey’s only done 19 years and has to do 25 years to draw his topped up pension. I bet he and Champion are bricking it. After Corbyn getting on the ballot and core voters making the Rotherham MPs more than aware of how they are regarded, deselection looks even more likely…….


    • I fear you’re right Sarah Alice. The Rotherhm CLP and Group of Councillors are salivating at the prospect, can’t wait to get rid of Sarah Champion and replace her with one of their own “not fit for purpose” shower. I hear the Leaders missus fancies her chances as an MP? Oh, and she’s a Union offical too? All the better, despite being pretty useless as a Councillor and apparently being seen as a chancer by many union members, she’ll walk it. Tribal voting, donkeys, red rosettes etc….. hey ho.


  3. What about a petitioning system of local electorate eg a petition of say 25% of the electorate required to generate a deselection or re election vote?


  4. It was evident before: During and after the meeting there is a real divide between MPs and Non MPs on why Jeremy should stay or go. If you look at the discourse over the last ten months it is now time for MPs who do not support him to leave the party. That would include all three of our MPs!


  5. So which clever NEC member thought that by allowing Jeza on to the contest, then preventing anyone who joined since February from voting was a good Idea?. I am quite sure all those voters who paid their £3 in good faith will take the decision in good humour, and fully support the NEC. (LOL)
    Our three MPs are still in hiding and saying Nowt. Maybe they should be called “Look, Duck,Duck,Duck and Dive.
    Meltdown,Meltdown Meltdown.


  6. The electorate of Rotherham had their chance to deselect all the “not fit for purpose” shower on May 5th but did not seize it ! More fool them !


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