Labour; The battle will go on regardless.

Labour; The battle will go on regardless.

Whatever happens at today’s Labour NEC we are a long way from even a temporary peace. Litigation will probably happen regardless.

If Corbyn wins the right to be on the ballot sheet his opponents and the PLP will take it to court. The same is true if Corbyn loses, when he, Momentum and probably Unite will litigate.

The intuitive reaction of even some of his opponents is that he should be given a chance, however his PLP opponents will see it much more pragmatically, and this is the nub of the battle..

Think nasty, vindictive divorce.

Where the first legal issue is who leaves the marital home first. Whoever does so loses possession, maybe the kids and certainly access to all the paperwork. They have to find a new home, often at great expense. Therefore;

If Jeremy is on the ballot paper and wins then the MP’s opposing him will either have to kowtow, and maybe still lose their nominations for the next election OR form a new party from scratch. Alliances may be possible with the Lib Dems, but they most certainly will have to find new funds, set up an administrative structure etc etc.

If on the other hand they can keep Jeremy off the ballot it may lead to legal challenge and a lot of grief from Momentum and Len McC. Not to mention perhaps violence, but  they can at least retain ownership of the Party admin systems, including staff, literature, offices, bank accounts and the general paraphernalia of being the opposition Party.

Ironically they would get to keep all those £3 donated by those wanting to vote for Jeremy.

Life will remain chaos, but the  PLP  172 who opposed Jeremy will be better off, and as the saying goes: Possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Jeremy will have a greater problem if he has to litigate. Yes his supporters can make his MP lives very difficult, but he would be embarrassed by any increase in the already noticeable bullying of MP’s.

If the PLP keep him out it will mean they have won control of the NEC, meaning that they can introduces protocols and rule changes to reduce the impact of local MP deselection threats. Expect that as the next move the PLP 172; a reduction in the power of the membership.

Len McClusky, may also find it difficult to use Unite union funds to support Jeremy. Recently two polls of union members, including his own, have found that over 63% think Jeremy is doing a poor job, and will never become Prime Minister.

Wil Ewart

4 thoughts on “Labour; The battle will go on regardless.

  1. ” Len McClusky, may also find it difficult to use Unite union funds to support Jeremy ”

    I was under the impression that the purpose of a Trade Union was to support it’s members.

    Personally, I no longer care less what happens to the Labour Party.
    It long since ceased to resemble the Labour Party of which I was once a member when it was essentially a bottom-up democratic socialist party.
    Now at one end it consists of champagne socialist career politicians with useless Oxford degrees in PPE and at the other a bunch of left wing idiots suffering from arrested intellectual development.

    When an organisation has so lost the plot that it attacks itself from within, you know it is finished.


    • But you should care, or else we’re end up with another Blair/Brownrite/New Labour/New Conservative/New Con. And we all know where that took us last time………Iraq, WMD, destructions and deaths and injuries of 100’s of thousands of people, in the Middle East and Britian.


  2. If they litigate agains JC being on the ballot they will look even more vindictive and manipulative than they do now (if possible) and will lose what little shred of respect they have. If a vote against JCs ability as a leader is going to carry any kind of legitimacy then he HAS to be on the ballot (or there will be the questions forever hanging in the air: “what vote would he have received?, “how many really wanted him?”) You can’t fight a duel against an opponent who isn’t there! – but it’s not really about his competency or leadership is it? It’s about his policies. The PLP have not got the cojones to get behind a genuine left of centre alternative to austerity. They have not got the conones to admit they are really tory-lite. I think, secretly, they are scared stiff Jezza will win and then the 172 political careerists will be looking for what our Nige calls a “proper job” – this may be the salvation of Labour because Jezza will have to go and find 172 ordinary, common-sense, proper-job-doing folk who understand, and are in touch with, ordinary people – just as Labour fielded in 1945. Then they will be very much electable. I think he will find these people EASILY, and with 600,000 activists, will be in a position to challenge the Tories.


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