Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp!

Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp!

Courtesy  of Labour’s NEC backing Corbyn we will soon be be testing out the political theory that elections in England are won by those who grab the centre ground.

By selecting Theresa May the Tories have probably done that, while now Labour has reaffirmed and  strengthened its  move to the left.

May’s selection and Labours left turn may also have kissed a bit of life into UKIP, who confirm their role of the only true anti immigrant party & will therefore continue nibbling/slicing through Labours working class conservatives.

I recollect the hopes for the Islamic Spring in North Africa, then the unintended consequences of replacing big dictators with lots of little ones. Hope the same isn’t true for the planned eradication of anti Corbyn MP’s.

For all the elementary political logic of the Momentum-ites when I see their leaders up close there is that classic slightly manic, socialist workers type air of bitterness, hostility and resentment…and the feeling that they schism faster than you can they say “workers tribunal”…yes expect a few of those.

I keep thinking that Momentum would like to follow a European model of smaller parties that require fewer political compramises of members and that can be truly socialist, or fascist, or regional even. The problem is they haven’t noticed we have a first past the post electoral system, not proportional representation. That can be quite unforgiving of smaller parties, ask the Greens and UKIP.

Also it means that shortly after a significant Tory General Election success Labour has to talk the English/Welsh electorate into the kind of socialist step change that hasn’t been managed since immediately after WW2. Then they had the going for them men and women who had fought for the right to education, health and education, and wouldn’t let the establishment keep it from them. Don’t know if we have the same hunger and social imperative today.

Best of luck Momentum. Hope you get there…but personally not convinced, smaller steps would might been easier. Then again, maybe I’m just a softy old bourgeois traitor to the working class. But I can’t help but remember that most left wing revolutions are followed by right wing backlashes.

I’m also looking forward to Wolfie Asbo Akhtar and Mao-roof Hussain donning their Jeremy forage caps and shouting up the prole-taxiat: As the saying goes…every dog hanging where those two are concerned. Seriously though, how will the asian politicos jump, given the innate entrepreneurism of the Kashmiri. How will they adjust to the innate atheism that is the political left? How will they turn a buck?

I am concerned about Rotherham’s best ever MP Sarah Champion…popular with the people, but not with the local Party apparatchiks. Combine and ugly vengeful Labour Group, with the Union’s revolutionary tribunals and the opportunistic Kashmiri biraderi and I wouldn’t be surprised at a deselection attempt come election time…I really hope not.

People of Rotherham be aware…you may be called upon to support her. The alternatives aren’t nice.

Wil Ewart

2 thoughts on “Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp!

  1. “UKIP, who confirm their role of the only true anti immigrant party”
    UKIP aren’t anti immigration, they are anti mass, uncontrolled immigration and have been calling for an Australian type points system for years.


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