Council Meeting Wednesday, 13th July, 2016 2.00 p.m.

Council Meeting
Wednesday, 13th July, 2016 2.00 p.m.

12 thoughts on “Council Meeting Wednesday, 13th July, 2016 2.00 p.m.

  1. As a regular viewer of the RMBC webcast, one wonders why the council and commissioners are so afraid of the questions of Peter Thirlwall that a plain clothes ( police officer?) is necessary to restrain and intimidate him…It seems Mr Thirlwall has the tenacity of a pit bull once latched on refuses to let go without inflicting serious damage …. In my view… Just what the RMBC needs…
    Commissioner Myers makes an amusing spectacle wringing his hands (body language indicates extreme nervousness) while trying to deflect from simply answering a question….I suspect Mr Thirlwall will not give up easily and Commissioner Myers and councilors will be required to earn every penny of their very generous salaries….


  2. Surely I am not the only one who noticed Wed 13th webcast during the public question time a gentleman ( obviously a bouncer or plain clothed policeman) dressed in a suit stealthily slid in behind Peter Thirlwall. Immediatley Mr Thirlwall stood up the gentleman in question vacated his seat and reappeared only as a hand from behind a wall turning off Mr Thirlwall’s microphone…It conveyed a sinister tone of something subversive going on in the Rotherham Town Hall…. A message not only to Peter Thirlwall but anyone with conviction daring to ask embarrassing questions…. In view of Rotherham’s crime rate it would appear to me to be a waste of police resources dispatching a plain clothed officer to the RMBC for something so trivial as a tenacious man asking a legitimate question.
    Someone will correct me if I am wrong but it appears Mr Thirlwall submitted a question last April that had not been sufficiently answered . What is wrong with that ?…Did they suspect Mr Thirlwall was wearing explosives attached to his braces…
    This sort of stuff goes on all the time with despot governments but one would not expect to see in the ‘Labour ‘ held council of Rotherham…
    On second thoughts…. That’s exactly what one could expect from an elected Rotherham Labour Council….


    • The gentleman you accuse of being a police officer is actually employed by the town hall. The man demanding to ask a question needs to follow the correct procedure to submit his question in a timely manner. Just because he states that he submitted it in April doesn’t mean he actually has. The council are subject to external auditing so therefore have to follow procedure. When was this man restrained?


      • Paul, You will notice in my comment a question mark when referring to a ‘ police officer ‘….This was done deliberately suggesting I am open to correction and it was not an accusation as you suggest….
        You ask when was this man restrained… Well sir, being restrained can be more than a physical restraint. It can come in the form of intimidation which was evident to anyone familiar with Town Hall Council meetings. I have never witnessed since webcasting the extraordinary efforts to silence a member of the public….Twice his microphone turned off and Town Halls personal bouncer breathing down his neck from behind can definitely be considered a form of intimidation….It works very efficiently on most people as an aid to shut them up….It is obvious to anyone with a brain the gentleman was purposely despatched to the seat behind Mr Thirlwall to stop him speaking…
        As I understand it Thirlwall is a seasoned local politician who will no doubt be very familiar with procedure….
        As it is, protocol can be very selective in the RMBC.


        • If this person keeps to the rules (which he obviously cannot do) he has nothing to worry about. Don’t be such a dramatist. The camera angles are limited in the chamber. I was sat in there and the whole picture showed not the doddering old pensioner you infer.


        • Paul…Dramatist indeed !… When did I refer to Peter Thirlwall as a doddering old gentleman? Not the impression I got… As I said earlier, he appears to have the tenacity of a pit bull…
          Stand over tactics appear not to deter Thirlwall but not sure about the rest of the council.

          Keeping to the facts of the argument might help in this discussion…Of course you being anonymous would prevent any helpful discussion between you and Mr Thirlwall on the subject of Council protocol wouldn’t it….


  3. good on cllr cowles and reader on speaking out about the hell hole that is eastwood . nothing from cllr khan has he gone deaf and blind ?


  4. The man in the suit is present at every council meeting. He turns the microphone on and off in the public gallery and distributes the agenda and other items. He is likely also tasked with keeping order in the public gallery.

    I sat next to Peter Thirwall as the only member of the public gallery to be able to ask a question and it certainly looked like he should have been able to ask his question.

    I will say however it is a shame that despite everything Labour have done and all the questions that could be ask there was only me there. Had I given up when I lost Rother Vale there would have been no questions from the public.

    I’d like some more company at the next meeting.


    • At 2:00 pm, most people will be at work so it’s not all that big a surprise the public gallery is nearly always empty. I have said for years that any council meeting at which the public has the opportunity to ask questions should be held in the evenings, not the middle of the working day.

      But of course, if they did that then they might actually have to answer some awkward questions from the public, so don’t expect meeting times to change any time soon.


  5. The treatment of Mr Thirlwall is simply a representative of anyone who dare swim against the tide of the RMBC…. Counselors will have got the message loud and clear….A timely message for Jayne Senior perhaps….


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