Cllr Andrew Roddison – Town Hall sex pest?

Andrew Roddison made the front page with this sorry tale.

His Party suspension soon to be converted to expulsion?

Seems that this was being kept quiet, Rotherham Labour doesn’t change?

Nor do sex pests usually have a single victim. Getting intimations that is true here too.

It has also been alleged, Roddison has ‘form’ for ‘lewd behaviour’, that well pre-dates, either of the current cases of interest. One has to wonder then, why did Labour run this deeply flawed man as a candidate this May? Their due diligence seems to have let them down badly here.

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21 thoughts on “Cllr Andrew Roddison – Town Hall sex pest?

  1. What’s betting he doesn’t resign from either rmbc or catcliffe parish council if doesn’t should be made to resign I wonder what champion will do now he was at most of her surgery’s in the brinsworth area


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  4. We need to wait and see. Let’s face it who could he possibly fancy on RMBC. There are a few beauties but they also have the personality of a pit bull from hell.

    Please do not speculate as to the identity of his victims, they are entitled to anonymity until they themselves waive it, Rik.


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  6. Gregory
    Didn’t they supposedly suspend others after the Jay Casey reports only for them to sit in the council chamber to vote with Labour councillors then when Corbyn won leadership they got selected to re stand as councillors
    They have not changed they are incapable of change they are still covering up for one an other
    Reed is just the MPs puppet who they can control nothing changes same old same old


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  8. I hate supposition… but let’s suppose they decided not to take matters beyond the court.
    Mr Roddison may have been thought to have served his sentence of being journalistically admonished in the local paper And because Labour wouldn’t want two of their own fighting in public, it may be a case of let sleeping dogs…
    Who cares that this person was guilty of inappropriate incompetence in a public office, just join all the others who have already been shamed but allowed to stand again as ” donkeys with red blankets”
    More Shame on Rotherham, Labour voters and Rotherham Labour majority council, yet again shown to be unfit for responsible office


  9. this is not the first time, he used to work for morisson fs/ mears who do the maintenance work for RMBC, he was told to leave the company after he sexually harassed a female employee, it was all hush hush and swept under the carpet, its disgusting that Mears did not say anything, if they had then this lady probably would not have been sexually harassed.


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