Labour ‘cannot become the new nasty party’, Angela Eagle warns

Labour risks becoming the “new nasty party”, leadership candidate Angela Eagle has warned.

Ms Eagle borrowed Theresa May’s famous 2002 description of the Conservatives as she called for action from the Labour leadership on “abuse, misogyny, homophobia (and) anti-Semitism” affecting the party.

Her call came shortly after Labour’s National Executive Committee suspended all local party meetings amid reports of intimidation, bullying and threatening behaviour, and just days after a brick was thrown through her own constituency office window in Wallasey on Merseyside.

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Corbyn aide apologises after comparing Turkey coup to Labour leadership battle

An ally of Jeremy Corbyn has attempted to link the failed coup in Turkey to Labour MPs’ efforts to oust the party leader.

Labour’s election co-ordinator Jon Trickett, the MP for Hemsworth, was forced to apologise and withdraw a tweet in which he wrote: “Coup organised by a small group against elected leader fails because of lack of rank and file support.”

The vast majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) is engaged in a battle to replace Mr Corbyn after most of his shadow cabinet resigned and 172 MPs backed a no confidence motion in the party leader following the EU referendum.

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Smith warns that Labour faces disastrous split

The Labour Party is heading for a disastrous split, leadership challenger Owen Smith is to warn today.

Launching his bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Smith will say it is time for a new generation of MPs to come forward.

Speaking in his Pontypridd constituency, Mr Smith will say: “This is a moment of deep peril for Labour, if we carry on as we are the party I love will end up in a disastrous split. I am not prepared to let that happen.

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8 thoughts on “Labour ‘cannot become the new nasty party’, Angela Eagle warns

  1. She absolutely spot on. Bullying a person out of their job, Backstabbing, changing the rules, coups, shutting down local parties so they can’t have meetings, increasing the membership fees. Yes if you can’t beat them by debate, be nasty.


  2. What does she mean “risks becoming”? Perhaps she should take a close look at Rotherham, and what the Labour party have done (and continue to do) here. Nasty doesn’t even come close.


    • Good point R. Wilde. But whatever the Labour Party has done (and will continue to do) the majority of Rotherham electors will troop into the voting booth and return them to office at the next election.

      Rotherham, and my own constituency, will not move on and progress until we pluck up the courage and send these old 1960’s throwbacks to the knackers yard.


  3. It would be a great idea to have a fair votes in the labour party where almost 200,000 people are going to be excluded to try to rig the vote against JC with the support of the same PLP members and their GS.

    To deny them a vote despite up to a few days ago the website saying they would have a vote!
    Trade descriptions?

    To rub salt in – they have reached out to the well off, tories, chattering classes and anyone else who wants to join and buy a vote for £25.
    But then its the same people who voted for welfare cuts against the less well off. So they consistent.

    To go against democracy further they have banned members from meeting.
    Albeit to stop the disloyal MPs facing re selection. Who have been self serving, plotting and backstabbing instead ofvtaking the tories on. They clearly incompetent.

    Where 172 MPs have more rights than 600,000 other members.
    Equality & fairness – Not


    • “Equality & fairness – Not”

      Equality in the Labour party? Where are Labour’s female leaders?
      Fairness? Angela Eagle’s office was vandalised and she had to cancel a speech because of threats of violence against her. Eagle is not my sort of politician but she has the right to speak freely.
      Ruth Smeeth heckled by an anti semitic member of Momentum Marc Wadsworth.

      “To go against democracy further they have banned members from meeting.”
      You are guilty of spin.
      The truth is Labour has suspended all local party meetings to curb the levels of abuse faced by MPs.

      Why is it so difficult for the Labour party to elect a leader without threats of violence, vandalism and self destruction?
      All is in complete contrast to when Corbyn was facing his first leadership election and that in itself tells me that under Corbyn’s leadership the Labour party has encouraged a thug faction.
      This is not good.


  4. Skinner a legend?
    He’s a legend for hypocrisy. 20 years ago he said in the HoC ” All MP’s should retire at 65″
    Skinner is 84 years old and still an MP.

    He’s done sweet FA for Bolsover since being elected. He couldn’t stop Coalite poisoning the ground and the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2010 shows that Bolsover falls into the ‘most deprived 50 districts’ in one or more of the 6 district level summary measures (Rank of Average Rank and Rank of Employment).

    Click to access Reports%5Creport15763.pdf

    Not a very good record for a man who has been the MP for Bolsover since 1970.


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