Council leader’s “have your say” appeal on new regional powers

ROTHERHAM residents get the chance to have their say this week on how new powers being devolved to our region should be used.

Sheffield City Region — which brings together nine local authority areas in South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire, including Rotherham — is set to receive an additional £1.3 billion under a new deal to devolve greater responsibility and control over decisions which are currently taken by central Government.

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6 thoughts on “Council leader’s “have your say” appeal on new regional powers

  1. This is part of the great inclusive debate about devolution, the formation of the Sheffield City Region and our having an elected Mayor (aka Steve Houghton Leader of Barnsley Council and mentor to,,,,,Chris Read;)

    It began with Cllr Chris Read saying he wanted no part of it.

    Then he capitulated on the issue after George Osbourne offered £5m for a quick sign up, and when Steve Houghton became his mentor/advisor.

    THEN they ran a very poorly promoted consultation process that was almost entirely web based, that only attracted 245 responses from a voting population of about 400,000.

    The analysis of even these paltry responses failed to provide backing for the idea of a City Region and Mayor.

    Now they are talking about expanding its powers and again launching a poorly advertised and pretty restricted consultation process…

    Really they are wasting our time, as whatever residents say they are going to do what they have already decided to do.

    Maybe there are areas where local people would like their council to take on greater powers…not so convinced Rotherham people do.

    I hear the shouts and see the crocodile tears of Labour politicians bemoaning the electorates cynicism towards politicians. They say they don’t understand why, when they know b***dy well why and the couldn’t give a toss.

    Look forward to a new gravy train, with a few riding first class.



  2. Having spent most of last week and part of this week at the inspectors hearing of Rotherhams sites and policy document, it was very obvious that RMBC are dancing to the tune of Sheffield. For my area, Dinnington we are due for 1300 new houses. These are not house that the low paid workers of Dinnington can afford, no these are going to be family sized homes for Sheffield commuters. It was stated in the hearing that Sheffield’s green belt land was sacrosanct, so they are going to build houses and factory units on our green belt. It was also admitted that ours is the only area in Rotherham with grade two agricultural soil, virtually the best there is, but they still want to take it. Rotherham is going to be a satellite town for Sheffield. Read is just the lap dog for Sheffield, when told to jump he will ask how high.
    Dave Smith


  3. Whilst the people of Rotherham still continue to vote the way they have done in the past there is no hope of change. We really do need new people in charge.


  4. This is totally undemocratic – the entire process should be scrapped and run again with full and proper consultation with all the affected electorate – the original process was a complete sham and would never get past a Judicial Review ! Disgraceful !


  5. I told all that this was a deal done by Labour to keep hold of power at any cost Steve Houghton is pulling all the strings and reed is his puppet
    Reed could not lead a girl guides troop


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