New Home Secretary considering major reorganisation of ‘dysfunctional’ South Yorkshire Police

The new Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced she is considering a ‘fundamental re-organisation’ of South Yorkshire Police.

The announcement was made in the House of Commons this afternooon.

Rudd’s words came after former Conservative Cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles said South Yorkshire Police ‘seems to be a force that has institutionalised dysfunctionality’.

He added that the future of the force is linked to the findings on the Battle of Orgreave, in which 96 pickets were arrested, but cases later dropped and damages paid out by the force.

The force has been involved in major national controversy around the Hillsborough inquests and the Rotherham scandal.

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8 thoughts on “New Home Secretary considering major reorganisation of ‘dysfunctional’ South Yorkshire Police

    • If Scotland can manage with one police force, then I am sure we could cope with a Yorkshire force? Think, only one Chief Constable and one PCC, cue massive savings in top management positions!


  1. Yes but the track record of sending in people tosortthings out is not very good now is it look at RMBC and the commissioners unfit for purpose councillors still in place with powers hand d back councillors in positions who was part of the CSE coverup
    That does not fill me with confidence at all


  2. I do not think this will solve anything at all.

    Same coppers under a different banner won’t change their attitude.


  3. From 1997 until May 2010 the Labour government published the following number of inquiries into Orgreave and Hillsborough:

    Now stuck in opposition the Labour party makes hypocritical noises about ‘Truth,Justice and cleaning up SY police force’.
    They had 13 years to do something and didn’t.
    Six Labour Home Secretaries 1997-2010. Everyone of them a complete failure.


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