Controversial HS2 route “information event” to be held in Bramley

THE firm behind the controversial HS2 rail route approached a parish council clerk in Rotherham six weeks ago to ask if they could hire a village hall for “an event” — but did not reveal at the time that they were planning controversial route changes.

Bramley Parish Council clerk Rob Foulds said at a protest meeting on Tuesday that HS2 Ltd had got in touch and applied to hire Bramley Parish Hall.

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3 thoughts on “Controversial HS2 route “information event” to be held in Bramley

  1. Don’t bother to turn up. ( but if it makes you feel good…)
    It’s already been decided that this modern day ” Folly” will go ahead anyway.

    We don’t want it, we don’t need it, and we can’t afford it (National Debt!)
    And the money should be spent on common sense (promised) elictrification of Leeds/Sheffield to London line.
    In times of plenty, or (cough, cough) austerity Prestige is all fine and dandy, but there are many more common sense projects that could replace this, and still get business people from London in less than 2 hrs…(Paris in 4 hrs – please don’t mention Brussels)

    So what could we spend this “Posh Totty” money on?

    How about perfect, safe, feel good ROAD RESURFICING throughout
    the South Yorkshire to Leeds corridor for starters…


    • Is it really appropriate for a councillor to be telling people not to bother turning up to a meeting which concerns the future of their neighbourhood?


  2. Typical Rotherham councillor don’t bother standing up for what you believe you can’t win, great negativity. People should go and make their voices heard.
    Dave Smith


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