Dinnington given the go-ahead for neighbourhood plan

Dinnington given the go-ahead for neighbourhood plan

Dinnington is set to become the first area in Rotherham to start developing its own Neighbourhood Plan.

An application by Dinnington St John’s Town Council to designate Dinnington St. John’s Parish as a proposed neighbourhood area was approved by Rotherham Council on July 11, at the Cabinet/Commissioners Decision Making Meeting.

This followed a month long consultation, during which the Council received no objections to the proposal.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/dinnington-given-the-go-ahead-for-neighbourhood-plan-1-8026463

3 thoughts on “Dinnington given the go-ahead for neighbourhood plan

  1. Common sense. A Danish idea is to develop new areas and cities around people.
    There are many places to walk, without cars in Rotherham but it’s not interconnected or not always ideal for the elderly or disabled, even able bodied find it time consuming to get from A to B. shopping Not to mention in the rain. ( How can we compete with Meadowhall)

    Rotherham and area communities needs a complete rethink about what is “needed” Take Brinsworth, there has been a complete lack of renewal of ths area except for patch-up and do… Not so much to do with the professionals in the council, who are constrained by budget, targets and people resources – just a desire for a better environment and commitment from everyone concerned. Rotherham residents need to stand up and be counted.
    It’s a time for common sense. Offer suggestions, get involved, tell your Parish and Borough Councillors what you want, don’t wait for inconvenience or failure.

    It’s time for change in ROTHERHAM…


  2. We in Dinnington have for years suffered from being ignored by Rotherham, now we have decided to take our fate into our own hands. I am sure the people of Dinnington have plenty of common sense and will tell us what they want.
    Dave Smith


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