HS2: Compulsory Purchase Orders explained

A NEW housing estate in South Yorkshire could be bulldozed if changes to the planned HS2 high-speed rail route go ahead. People living on the Shimmer estate in Mexborough have been told that “some or all of their land” may be required if the plans are approved.

The proposed new route could see more than 200 homes demolished on the estate, which has been partially completed by developer, Strata.

At a residents’ meeting this week, one home owner said the proposals were ‘playing with people’s lives,’ and added he was concerned that he and others would not be given a fair deal.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/transport/hs2-compulsory-purchase-orders-explained-1-8027258

1 thought on “HS2: Compulsory Purchase Orders explained

  1. A local blast from the past.

    “Mr Newey claims the council is still smarting after he won a battle to have a compulsory purchase order for his terrace home scrapped. It meant Rotherham Council had to abandon part of a road widening plan”.

    Compulsory purchase orders have the opposite effect as well, no one needs to be disheartened.

    Sign-ing up for trouble – The Star


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