Rotherham child sex abuse scandal used by Government to highlight need to protect youngsters

Rotherham’s child sexual exploitation scandal has been used to highlight the need for more to be done to protect children from abuse.

The Governement is considering new proposals, which could see school staff jailed if they fail to raise the alarm about child abuse.

As well as teachers, doctors and social workers, those in administrative or support roles may fall under the scope of a new regime being considered by the Government.

The proposals would see those who work in roles that bring them into contact with children placed under a statutory duty to report or act on child abuse or neglect.

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Consultation documents:

Reporting and acting on child abuse and neglect

14 thoughts on “Rotherham child sex abuse scandal used by Government to highlight need to protect youngsters

  1. Lots needs to be done in education it must be mandatory in education for all children to be taught healthy relationships, friendships,peer pressures, Internet safety etc. Myself and other survivors in Rotherham will be meeting and putting our suggestions across to DFE as its something we have campaigned about for years. It could save so many children


      • Thankyou 😊 We have some very strong, passionate and dedicated survivors here in Rotherham that have and continue to make changes for the better in the UK. The only thing we can ask is for our town to continue to support us.


        • Wasn’t we promised all this in that famous conference about Child Abuse, that Cameron called at number 10 a few years ago. Nothing came of that, what makes you think anything will come of these proposals?


        • Something might not come of it but we have to try and keep trying until things are changed. Some also thought our stories wouldn’t come to anything and look how all that worked out. If we can stay positive I’m sure others can 😊


  2. “When would  a  new  duty  apply?

    64.  If  a practitioner  had  ‘reasonable cause  to 

    suspect’  a child was being  abused or  neglected,  they would be  expected  to  take appropriate  action  under  a  duty  to  act  or  to  make a  report  under mandatory  reporting. 

    This  would apply  the  same  level  of  trigger  as  is  currently  used  for initiating  a  local  authority  child protection investigation  under  section  47  of  the  Children  Act 1989”

    74.  Criminal  sanctions  for  breach of  either  duty  could also be  possible at  both individual  and organisational  levels.  The maximum  sentences  could vary  in their  severity,  but  for  both individual  practitioners  and  organisations  they  could involve  fines.  Imprisonment  would also be  an  option  for  individual  practitioners.  Remedial  orders 23  and  publicity  orders 24  could be made available for  organisations. 

    “In certain circumstances an  organisation  could also be criminally  liable without  a  specific  corporate  criminal  offence  through  offences targeted  at individuals (a  fine  would be  the  only  sanction  available for  an  organisation  in these circumstances)”.

    “Excerpts of the consultation above”

    The “in certain circumstances”, “corporate” and the “fines” part of the consultation makes me sick.
    It sounds like RMBC, SYP fails, tax payer picks up the bill allover again. It should be you fail at the corporate level and you can never be in that position again, but no u just can go to the next gravy train.
    Joyce Thacker, Dr Sonia Sharp etc are still plying their trade unabeited, lessons learnt?


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