Taxpayers fund large wages and lavish perks of academy school chiefs

Taxpayers fund large wages and lavish perks of academy school chiefs

Heads of taxpayer-funded independent chains are making claims that include fast cars, first-class travel and Marco Pierre White dining while schools struggle

The leaders of academy schools are spending taxpayers’ money on luxury hotels, top-end restaurants, first-class travel, private health care and executive cars, a joint investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches and the Observer can reveal.

Expense claims released under the Freedom of Information Act lay bare for the first time what critics claim is an extraordinary extravagance by some academy chain chief executives and principals, at a time when schools are struggling financially.

The taxpayer is paying Ian Cleland, the £180,000-a-year chief executive at Academy Transformation Trust, to lease and have joint insurance with his wife on an XJ Premium Luxury V6 Jaguar car, it can be disclosed. Included in nearly £3,000 worth of receipts is payment for servicing the car and the purchase of new tyres.

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6 thoughts on “Taxpayers fund large wages and lavish perks of academy school chiefs

  1. Well what a surprise. Who would ever have thought this could happen ?
    Another of Blair’s legacies – religious schools and Academies.
    Everything that the war-mongering conman did has ended up a disaster – except for his own multi-millionaire bank balance of course.
    The idea that we should run the education SERVICE as some sort of business is so obviously insane, it doesn’t even merit discussion.


    • “Blair’s legacy” the electorate voted for the nob, not just once but 3 times, in his best friends words.

      Ahhh…the words of wisdom…but don’t worry we have done it again recently, and probably the same people.

      Do you remember labour policy, we have to increase spending for services to pay for it increase taxes, such a shame the electorate fell for it, and “pay for it” we did and are still paying.

      Democracy is not a healthy place in the UK.


    • Although you’re right in regards to religious schools, the academy system under the last Labour govt. was completely different to the current system, which was exploited by the Tories post-2010 to shut down local authority involvement in schools.

      A lot can be said about the previous system of local authority control that was just as bad as the very system which replaced it.


  2. It was the privatisation of Education what did you expect? They are private enterprises and therefore the money can be spent as the trust chooses. You don’t need any qualifications, experience or skills to set up an Academy only the equivalent of a good business plan. Naturally the senior staff and directors sit on the turst so when it comes to wage negotiations they only have to convince the board that they sit on


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