We’ve got to stop these Corbyn opponents out to destroy Labour: McDonnell

SHADOW chancellor John McDonnell has lashed out at opponents of Jeremy Corbyn, accusing them of trying to “destroy” the Labour Party in order to get rid of their leader.

Mr McDonnell said there was a “small group” within the party responsible for the current turmoil which has seen it beset by allegations of bullying, intimidation and abuse.

His comments came after former shadow minister Seema Malhotra disclosed she had lodged a formal complaint with the Speaker John Bercow after staff working for Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell entered her House of Commons office without permission.

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John McDonnell: Corbyn’s critics willing to ‘destroy’ Labour

Some of Jeremy Corbyn’s critics are willing to destroy Labour in order to remove him, John McDonnell says.

The shadow chancellor said “a small group of people” were responsible for the turmoil in the party.

He spoke as a new row broke out over “unauthorised access” to the office of ex-frontbencher Seema Malhotra.

Ms Malhotra has formally complained to the Speaker, saying Mr McDonnell and Mr Corbyn’s staff violated the privacy of her Westminster office.

Mr McDonnell said his office manager thought the premises were no longer occupied, and accused Mr Corbyn’s critics of picking on members of staff.

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the spat mattered because it played into the wider row about claims of intimidation in the party’s ranks.

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10 thoughts on “We’ve got to stop these Corbyn opponents out to destroy Labour: McDonnell

  1. No one needs to do anything to “destroy the Labour Party” – Corbyn will do it all by himself aided by the left-wing morons that populate his little virtual world bubble.
    If anyone has ever worked for a left-wing council , as I have, they will know all about bullying and intimidation. That’s how the Left works – they and the Fascists are just different sides of the same coin, intent on suppessing individual freedom to further their own hideous objectives.


    • I don’t agree with most of Corbyn policies, but he was elected fair and square. The problem is a few dire hard Blairites and there cronies who can’t except that. We all know he’s going to lose the next election, in fact any Labour opposition is going to lose, just a few Tory reds, will be out of a job.

      As for thise dopey cows, who espouse equality , but when the going gets a bit rough, play the weaker sex angle. If they can’t handle the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen or maybe return to it and do a proper job.


    • Which camp would you place the New Labour from the Blair years, left, right or centre?

      The electorate has never elected a lefty (fascist oh my days, can’t make this sh!t up if I tried) before, I could actually say weren’t we a bit fascist in the Brexit vote in the true sense of the meaning.


  2. So Tom you would call RMBC a left wing council? I am damn sure myself and most residents of Rotherham wouldn’t. Yet bullying and intimidation of councillors and staff, especially women, has been going on for years. This has nothing to do with Corbyn but has everything to do with the establishment wanting to keep the status quo and so do the pusillanimous Labour MPs. They are frightened of any change, especially if it seems to favour the working class. What the rank and file of the Labour Party are doing is taking back the power that should reside in their hands.
    Dave Smith


    • Dave, seems to me Labour, as a party, can either have Corbyn or they can have power, it’s inconceivable that they can have both. As a Tory, Corbyn and Labours current convulsions concern me, because I believe any government, Labour or Tory, needs a strong, credible opposition to hold them to account and at the moment, Labour provide neither.


    • Of course Rotherham was left wing – why on this Earth do you think they weren’t ?
      The mindset that allowed CSE to happen was due to a left-wing mindset.
      What on Earth is wrong with you people that you are all so indoctrinated that you fail to identify the foundation of the problem and then go and elect a cabal from the same kidney once again ?


  3. Tom you can’t seriously believe that Rotherham is a left wing council, this lot and the ones before them wouldn’t know socialism if jumped up and bit them. They covered up CSE because they wanted to maintain the status quo, they wanted to keep their luxury life style at any cost. That is not socialism.
    Dave Smith


    • When the situation of CSE was first raised, it was brushed under the carpet because of left-wing pro-ethnic dogma, not due to any “status quo” considerations.
      To have revealed the extent of it would have in fact reinforcd the staus quo and given it credibility.


  4. So the main opposition party at Westminster is now pre-oocupied with arguing about who has which offce and who has a key? Really, one could not make it up! If this is the best they can do then it might be time to call it a day.


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