Labour MP Sarah Champion who quit Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench last month ‘unresigns’ and gets her old job back

A Labour MP who quit Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet last month has been reinstated after she “unresigned” back to her old post.

A spokesperson for the party leader’s office confirmed to the Independent that Sarah Champion had asked to re-join the shadow cabinet, and that her request had been accepted.

In a letter to Mr Corbyn Ms Champion said: “I would like to formally retract my resignation and ask to be reinstated to my role as shadow home office minister for preventing abuse and domestic violence with immediate effect.”

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Spotted for us by Hotspot. Heads up from Yvonne Ridley, thanks to both, Rik.

Labour leadership: MP ‘unresigns’ from Corbyn team

An MP who quit Labour’s front bench during a revolt against Jeremy Corbyn has been reinstated after asking for her old job back.

Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham, has retracted her resignation as shadow minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence.

Ms Champion is on an overseas trip but her office confirmed that she had “retaken” her old job.

The BBC’s Norman Smith said it was an “extraordinary development”.

Ms Champion has not given any reason for wishing to return to Mr Corbyn’s team shadowing the Home Office.

When she resigned from the front bench last month, Ms Champion insisted she was not taking part in an organised coup or “siding with anyone” but she believed that his leadership had become untenable.

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Rotherham MP Sarah Champion “unresigns” and rejoins Corbyn team

LABOUR rebel Sarah Champion has “unresigned” and returned to Jeremy Corbyn’s team.

The Rotherham MP (pictured) was one of dozens of previous allies of the embattled Labour leader to step down last month.

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South Yorkshire MP Sarah Champion unresigns from Labour front bench

South Yorkshire MP Sarah Champion has reportedly unresigned and been reinstated as a Shadow Home Office Minister.

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42 thoughts on “Labour MP Sarah Champion who quit Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench last month ‘unresigns’ and gets her old job back

  1. Was missing those extra thousands she would be getting as a shadow minister, Principles is something that doesn’t pay for those little extra goodies on a measly MP’s pay of £70.000 a year.


    • Well, to the best of my knowledge, shadow ministers (apart from the majority opposition leader and chief whip) do NOT get any pay additional to that of an MP, so your contribution is damn near useless as well as being ill-informed………some might say, ‘as usual’.

      However, if Ms Champion were being offered extra £, it might be possible to understand what she has done. At the moment, it is quite incomprehensible.


      • It is call Short Money and in April 2014 Labour recieved £777,538.48. All opposition parties get it if they have over 150,000 votes. Would stand to reason that if you are a shadow minister, you would be doing more than a normal MP, hence you would be compensated for that extra work.


        • To get it wrong once is unwise. To get it wrong twice is crass.
          I think you will find that the Short Money is used to pay for additional research staff for the opposition parties, and not to pay extra salaries to shadow ministers.
          I will be happy to apologise if I am wrong.
          Meanwhile, perhaps you could produce some evidence to support your assertion.


        • Janet, you have nothing to apologise about!
          You are a rare remaining voice of reason on this blog.


  2. It is not easy to admit your wrong but it should not be seen as a sign of weakness either. She has done the right thing and may now prove to be pivotal in giving others among the 172 plotters the courage to follow her back to Corbyn.
    It’s rumoured that quite a few of those involved in the failed coup were brow beaten into doing so by some of the so-called heavyweights among the plotters.
    She should be welcomed back and not castigated.


  3. You put your left foot init, yer left foot out. In, out, in out ya shake it all about. Ya do the okie cokie and you turn around, that’s what it’s all about.

    She was under threat threat from UNITE AND MOMENTUM in her constituency, who were playing around with efforts to get to a vote of no confidence, with a longer term hint of deselection.

    Seems she collapsed under the pressure..not exactly the feisty tough woman she would like us to believe.

    Feel so disappointed, not in her views, but in her weakness.

    A former supporter.


    • so you think it was much easier to run the gauntlet of the 172 and take the long walk back to the shadow cabinet? I think you give Unite and Momentum too much credit.


      • Yvonne, it is about not getting deselected, and then having a team to get you re-elected.

        Something you neither understand nor have experienced.

        Sarah, by standing big on the issue of CSE bought no friends in the local Council Labour group, has now irritated the local union reps and has peed off the left wing.

        She equally can’t trust the local biraderi, who have been trying to get their own candidate in for the last twelve years and would definitely organise around an agreed women candidate in opposition to Sarah if they thought there was a chance.

        So here is Sarah’s electoral problem. Lots of people like her, but non with an organised voting claque to give her a power base.

        Sorry Yvonne, but you show all the lack of incite one expects from an occasional visitor.


        • Apologies for spell checker inserting incite instead of insight…but maybe, failing to incite fits Yvonne well.


        • I know only too well how Champion became the accidental candidate; she’d only been in the party a few weeks so I am fully aware of the backdrop.
          I’m no admirer of her either. When I stood in Rotherham I recognised the issue of CSE as the major concern of voters and I had the ‘insight’ to realise Orgreave was also a major, unresolved issue. Both of which she dismissed at the time as ‘opportunistic’.
          My comment yesterday acknowledges her recognition that she made a mistake and wanted to return to the fold. Like her or not, it took some guts and she should be supported not castigated.
          I care not if it was driven by pragmatism but it is the sort of breakthrough Corbyn needs.
          To compare her to the scabs from the miners’ strike is appalling. By doing that you are suggesting the striking miners were plotters and subversives; they weren’t. The striking miners were heroic men who were fighting for their rights to decent pay and conditions doing a job few of us can even imagine.


    • Yes. There are a few cases among South Yorkshire MPs where ‘researchers’ are related to the MP for whom they work. Anyone can check this out but do bear in mind that they may not necessarily share a surname even if married.


    • To get it wrong once is unwise.
      To get it wrong twice is crass.
      To get it wrong for a third time would evidence stupidity beyond all reasonable understanding!

      Could you provide evidence to support your assertions that Short Money is currently being used to pay additional salary to any Shadow Minister (other than the Majority Opposition Leader and Chief Whip) or to any researcher who is a spouse or member of the family of a shadow minister.

      Not so much ‘Loudmouth’ as ‘All mouth and no trousers’ perhaps?


  4. What happened to ‘conviction politics’ Sarah?
    (Conviction politics refers to the practice of campaigning based on a politician’s own fundamental values or ideas rather than attempting to represent an existing consensus or simply take positions that are popular in polls)

    “Please sir,I’ve made a mistake sir. Can I come back in”?


  5. Colin Tawn
    Sarah Champion has always been a media opportunist otherwise known as ‘jump on any bandwagon’ because I don’t have mind of her own. She has never demonstrated high intellect, principle or integrity. Looks like we have a Scab MP. Oh dear.


  6. “always been a media opportunist”
    Quite so hence my comment about conviction politics.
    Re-reading this article leads me to suspect the comments from Jake Martinson (post #13) have the ring of truth in them.
    I doubt we will ever know whether or not any pressures were put on Ms.Champion to ‘toe the line’.


  7. Politics from a politician, who would have ever thought of that.

    Being left close to someone who’s leadership appeared to be have been marginalised, leave JC and you will retain in roads with the new leader and back into shadow government.

    Like JC or hate him, one thing for sure he’s as solid as a mountain, well mountains through the passage of time slowly but surely crumble away.

    In a post Brexit world who could even think about a radical rethink, maybe I was wrong and maybe protect one’s self, party or country for that matter.

    Well done SC a confirmation of politics is alive, well…even if it is on a life support machine.


  8. “This woman is beyond satire.”
    True but I expect the sheople will re-elect her. Most of her supporters cannot see beyond next month never mind 6 months or 4 years.


    • I agree she’ll be re-elected (if she stands again that is) simply because she’s Labour and this is Rotherham. I have to wonder if that’s really such a bad thing though. Lets all take a moment to recall who the Rotherham CLP wanted as thier MP ( I believe they didn’t call him Councillor Look, Duck and Vanish for nothing), and ask ourselves if he would have been so effective in standing up for the victims of CSE, or if it’s more likely that he would have been as in denial as the rest of RMBC?

      Like her or not, she makes a better MP than anyone that the Rotherham CLP could have mustered.


      • True..but how sad, even tragic, is it that all the honest, hard working people of Rotherham are “represented” in Parliament by a puppet politician from outside the borough. Is this really democracy?


  9. By backing down, and in a grovelling return to JC’s Shadow Cabinet as a junior minister (let’s be clear she was never an actual Shadow Cabinet Member, as has been misreported) she may have ensured her re selection as a parliamentary candidate. But she has forever shown herself to be a lightweight politician.

    She has also shown her self created image of “being there” for the victims, and a non political MP as being at best self deception and at worst downright bullsh*t.

    How can she help the victims as a junior functionary, where she has been bought and sold twice over, in a Party that will never gain power?


  10. Pingback: Last Weeks Top Ten 30th July | Rotherham Politics

    • I understand that you used to be, but the Advertiser has decided that it can’t take the risk anymore. As far as I can remember the last two items it has carried about you were (1) about the High Court decision on the damages and costs you were to pay, and (2) an apology for a completely untruthful news item it carried based on a statement you made to one of its journalists.


  11. Mr Loudmouth

    You seem to have gone all quiet since you were asked to provide evidence to support your assertions that Short Money is currently being used to pay additional salary to any Shadow Minister (other than the Majority Opposition Leader and Chief Whip) or to any researcher who is a spouse or member of the family of a shadow minister.

    Can we assume that you haven’t any and that your repeated assertion was just incorrect.


  12. Janet green for some one who likes facts I don’t remember an oppology for a untruthfullsrory based upon a statement I made to reported
    Maybe I am wrong and my memory is failing
    Please support this allegation with a link to the story you refer to


    • You will have to look for the link, as I only saw it in the print edition of the Advertiser. The apology was for a news story (based on an allegation made by you) stating that the Police and Crime Panel meeting planned for April 2016 had been cancelled for political reasons when, in fact, it had been cancelled on legal instruction.


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