Healey asks minister to look at HS2 station

TRANSPORT Secretary Chris Grayling has been urged to commission a study on the case for a high speed rail station close to the M18 by a South Yorkshire MP.

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey said he was “dismated” by proposed changes to the route of the HS2 high speed rail line and the new plans for stations in South Yorkshire.

HS2 has recommended scrapping the initial plan for a station at Meadowhall and is instead suggesting trains use a spur from the mainline to call at the existing Sheffield Midlands station.

The proposal also suggests moving the route of the line much further east, putting a series of communities in its path that had previously thought they would be untouched by the project.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/healey-asks-minister-to-look-at-hs2-station-1-8037185

MP urges HS2 to reconsider planned route

A RETHINK of the newly-proposed high speed rail route through South Yorkshire has been urged by an MP.

John Healey wants HS2 Ltd to reconsider the new route it revealed weeks ago, which will take the line through Aston, Bramley, Wales, Mexborough and the Dearne Valley.

It was controversially moved from an option which took the line via a proposed interchange at Meadowhall.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/103974/mp-urges-hs2-to-reconsider-planned-route.aspx

3 thoughts on “Healey asks minister to look at HS2 station

  1. We dont need this. They should invest the money on opening up the community railways and investing in the rolling stock and track.

    The MPs are pandering to the big business to shave a few minutes off journey whilst leaving a trail of destruction behind.

    Not surprised at politicians as safeguarding their backhanders and gravy trains. HS2 even better for them to get snouts into


  2. Groan…….the epitome of the Fence sitter.

    ‘ Oh yes go ahead but can we have a station of this amended line Mr Grayling?’ Where’s your backbone Mr Healey? To say nothing of representing your constituents.

    Come out and stand up and fight for your constituents . WE DONT WANT ANY OF IT. The shock of Barron, Champion and Healey who ‘voted for this’ but on the basis of NIMBY. Well this government is telling you something it has backfired and you are push overs.

    If this was happening in Clegg or Osborne’s constituency they wouldn’t get away with it but its only poor old kicked about Rotherham.

    Better use can be made improving the transport infrastructure:

    Doubling up on all tracks where possible to increase capacity

    Doubling up on train lengths (which is a nowt job really) to increase capacity

    Consider double decker trains like in the USA and Australia, although the loading gauge affecting tunnel heights might be a problem

    If this is going to improve the Northern Poorhouse, then Doncaster would already be a thriving commercial centre with a CURRENT journey time of 1hour 40 mins to Kings Cross.

    We have still got o wait until 2019 to get rid of th Pacer trains (nodding donkeys) that have been in service since the early 1970s. You need to ensure tetanus jabs are up to date before you take a seat.

    Wait for it, we wont be getting new trins but refurbished units already in service on the Chiltern Line since the 1990s WHILST THEY GET NEW ONES.

    Come on Mr Healey, that’s why tou always travel from Donccater to Kings Cross. Why would anyone along this amended route do any other than use the East line?


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