Mexborough & Dearne Valley opposition to HS2

Front page of the July 21st edition of the Dearne Valley Weekender comes news of the opposition to the proposed new route through South Yorkshire of HS2, this time the Mexborough and Dearne Valley:


News of other groups further up the route gratefully received, please email me click here, Rik.

See also: The battle over HS2

2 thoughts on “Mexborough & Dearne Valley opposition to HS2

  1. As UKIP has been saying from day one, the country does not need this.
    Yorkshire doesn’t need or want this!
    The money can (really) be spent elsewhere…

    Electrification was promised but never arrived on time or even late…
    Now they promise us a (“Real”) White Elephant to pour scorn on people’s lives
    and even take the secure roofs above their heads.
    (The very people who cannot afford to ride this beast of tax paying burden)

    What a disgrace these Fat Controllers are, vying for position
    to get this Folly to arrive at their station, (without a thought for the rest of South Yorkshire)
    when all the COMMON people agree,
    that there is no real SENSE in it at all.


  2. And Rotherham goes blithely on with its sites and policy plan regardless of the changes to the route of the white elephant.
    Dave Smith


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