‘Violent threat’ sent to Sheffield MP

A Sheffield MP has been sent a ‘violent threat’ in connection with the Labour leadership election.

Heeley MP Louise Haigh revealed she has been sent an email threat from a Labour member,

It follows the MP declaring her support for Owen Smith to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

Miss Haigh said it was not the first threat she has been sent since becoming a Labour MP.

The MP revealed: “We had a threat before Christmas from somebody linking themselves to ISIS.”

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/violent-threat-sent-to-sheffield-mp-1-8037013

6 thoughts on “‘Violent threat’ sent to Sheffield MP

  1. Let me make it clear. If you talk to these MPs about their unwillingness to support Jeremy with no real answers to very simple questions to understand why they say they are being bullied. It is unforgivable how they are telling such lies against the same people who campaigned to get them elected.


  2. What, specifically was the “threat of violence”? Reading the Star’s story all it says is that someone called her a “snake” on twitter, and that someone purporting to represent ISIS had threatened her previously (but obviously not in relation to her supporting Owen Smith over Jeremy Corbyn).


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