Rewriting history no, just making it clearer.

I just have one Jay (OBE) report , which is based on 66 test cases, and the forecast is a conservative estimate of 1400 children.

JT was Director of Children’s services for arguments sake for around half of that time and she received an OBE,  how many children did she fail.

And I see one person who has been around since the time of the report base(1997-), receives MBE, never spoke out once whilst in a position to do so.
Let’s see all the places and junctions when it was possible to have done so.

●1: Dr Heal report 2002-2006
The report said at the time some of the main perpetrators appeared to be pimps and drugs dealers, including an Asian family in Rotherham and a handful of people from the Afro-Caribbean community in Sheffield.

The report added: “However, it must be emphasised that these are a handful of men, from sizeable communities where the vast majority are law-abiding citizens who wholeheartedly disapprove of the actions of a few.

“These are the actions of a few unscrupulous career criminals and whole communities should not be stereotyped on this basis.”

EXCLUSIVE: South Yorkshire Police given list of key Sheffield and Rotherham abuse suspects in 2003 – The Star

The Dr Heal report 2006.

Rotherham: “whilst there is no regular on street prostitution scene, the issue of sexual exploitation in the town remains significant”.

One worker who had been working in Rotherham for nearly 30 yrs said that Asian men, particularly taxi drivers, have been involved in the exploitation of young women through out that period.(were they just a means of transport, or perpetrators, juries still out, and is this an actual stereotype of a racial element (simply taxi driver equals Pakistani)).

Gleaned (kalinski, SYP 2006) from the report and it appears that even the PCC’s Report (Drew report 1997-2016) correlates pretty much the same stats.

The four types of abuse:
“Child on child” offending around a third.

“Stranger flasher” offending around a fifth.

“Familial offending” and “domestic violence”

And in some instances victim was raped by more than one offender. (Kalinski)

“Girls in the grip of pimps” that up to 40 girls involved in “highly organised” network of pimps.

Risky Business around 40-50 girls at risk or involved in exploitation.

●2: RLSC Board.
2.8 Serious case review, from 4 only one qualifies for serious review.

From the minutes of the safeguarding board 2006, all inclusive of all the failing subjects.
5 sexual exploitation forum, surprise surprise.

●3: OBE mmm…and an MBE.
So 2006 comes to an end,  but what happened in 2007 beggars belief.

“Joyce Thacker, Senior Head of Service has received an OBE for her work with young people”.

●4: LG awards.
2008 council is award winning for children’s services, following the directors OBE, who receives this!

“This award is a credit to everyone working for a whole range of organisations with children and young people across Rotherham,” said Sonia Sharp, of Rotherham Council. “It is great to see the innovative ways that people have found to involve kids.” (involve kids in what)

ROTHERHAM youngsters have the best help and support in the country, after the borough scooped a top prize at a national awards ceremony.

●5. Childrens and young people’s services.

7. Proposals and details.

○118 contacts, all of them dealt with accordingly.

○There are currently no children subject to a child protection plan due to issues of sexual exploitation.

●6. December 2009

The minister of state for young people and families serves the council with an improvement notice for its children’s safeguarding services. It is lifted in January 2011.

Rotherham abuse scandal: Key dates – BBC News

●7. Risky Business closed 2009.

●8. Something Rattled RMBC’s cage in late 2011 and an ultimatum given and by early 2012 it was game over for RMBC, but by whom!

Why am I doing this, the list of victims (survivors) only reflects at best Dr Heal’s findings. Approximately around a hundred have come forward.

There are many victims their lives may have moved on but the memories for some will be etched on many people’s conscience, I ask them to come forward. Some will have confided in subsequent partners, I ask them to come forward.
Some will be in such a position that they will need a special approach of anonymity, I ask you all to pressure your local MP’s, if they always debate they should have the same right to a private life,  then so should the victims and they need this privilege.

Without the people coming forward the NCA can only read pieces of paper or maybe at best link the papers together.

What makes the situation worse, victims need so much help.
“The girl was beaten up by her own family when they found out she had been abused by the Rotherham grooming gang since she was 12”. (The gang that Dr Heal serialise’s from the same Asian family)

Rotherham abuse gang jailed for total of 102 years including 35-year term for ‘Mad Ash’ | Daily Mail Online


17 thoughts on “Rewriting history no, just making it clearer.

  1. What a catalogue of disasters and not one council employee prosecuted for failing in their duty of care. Not one Councillor prosecuted for misconduct in public office. We have in Dinnington ex-borough Councillors who were at the now infamous 2005 seminar, one who was senior adviser to Shaun Wright for five years. They carry on with their normal lives as if nothing had happened, the ex-senior adviser, when she was still a borough/Dinnington town councillor, when questioned by me about her role in the CSE scandal told me, “I have searched my conscience and have nothing to be ashamed of”. And this kind of attitude still pervades the corridors of power in Rotherham and will do while ever they are allowed to be free from prosecution.
    Dave Smith


    • @columbo
      Andrew Norfolk came on the scene, around sept 2012.

      RMBC had been rattled by then (late 2011 and by early 2012), they were pursuing a way out and on the whole it appears all involved had been tipped off by then…mmm…a random reporter turns up on your doorstep…and all of a sudden you are a specialist in the field of CSE…you never spoke about the situation in Rotherham…when you were shut down. ..the five jailed…the murder by Ishtiaq.

      looks to me as a self preservation society was formed.

      Rotherham child abuse: The background to the scandal – BBC News

      Whether General Election or not, Rotherham was and continued to be a majority Labour run LG, it would have been buisness as usual.

      The biggest shame is that from RMBC being spooked, JT continued in her job for another two and a half years unabated.

      It was an “unlikely place” where the ultimatum came from. Only a reference made by Jay as to whom I am referring to, but boy..oh…boy! I salute that “unlikely place”.

      Let’s look at the 2005 seminar, result Dr Heal report.

      “Unlikely place”, result Jay report.

      Is it also no wonder why victims may not be coming forward, the people that failed them are still in office or maybe, they maybe referred back to someone who failed them the first time around.


    • I might be mistaken Caven but didn’t the SYPTE incident reports manage to get your level some months after?

      I was in the system for seven years…I encourage you to be candid.


  2. Well written Hotspot.
    Perhaps people will now understand why I and many others kept up the pressure on Judy Dalton,Iain St.John,Jo Burton and creepy Jacqui Collins. Paul Lakin took his money under false pretences, he couldn’t lead a horse.
    We know there is still a lot more evidence of CSE to be uncovered and yet not one Rotherham councillor-past or present-has the courage or integrity to speak up on behalf of these children.

    Isn’t it strange our three ‘People’s Champions’ MP’s are not interested in bringing any pressure on RMBC to uncover the truth about CSE but they don’t seem to have a problem arranging photo ops with steelworkers or someone who raises money for a worthwhile cause?
    Perhaps they think we might forget? Not a chance.


    • Thank you Colin, on the whole they are not my words, rather a selection of statements from the wise one’s, I am only responsible for a direction in the narrative.

      Will I too forget the damage done to the communities, never!

      House of Commons Home Affairs Committee (makes it clear, RMBC only changed their tone after Casey report)

      Child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming 

      Ordered by the House of Commons printed 5 June 2013

      34. LSCBs also have a duty to undertake serious case reviews where a child has been killed or seriously harmed, and abuse or neglect is known or suspected, such as the grooming cases discussed above. ( )
      The LSCB is then required to publish the overview and executive summary of the serious case review
      •unless there are compelling reasons relating to the welfare of any children directly concerned in the case for this not to happen.( )
      The full report can also be published with redactions made to protect the privacy of the victims or their families.

      36.  When we took evidence from  Rotherham’s Director of Children’s and  Young People’s Services, Joyce Thacker,  she denied that the council had tried to cover anything up and in reference to the press report of redactions to the serious case review of Child S she stated It was our right as the Safeguarding Children Board to have a redacted version. That is what we published (Q 716).

      37. The role of a Local Safeguarding Children’s Board is to scrutinise the effectiveness of its members
      However, we are concerned that the LSCB appears to have been protecting rather than scrutinising its members. Our concerns are not allayed by a conclusion from the 2012 Ofsted inspection of Rotherham which found  that:
      At a senior management level the responsibility and accountability for child protection are insufficiently shared and there is a lack of effective professional challenge to senior  management on operational and practice issues by the (Rotherham Local  Safeguarding Children’s Board). Ofsted,  Inspection of local authority  arrangements for the protection of  children, Metropolitan  Borough of  Rotherham, August 2012, p14 .

      “The LSCB is then required to publish the overview and executive summary of the serious case review” (redact the details but) make it public.

      “RMBC” and “serious case review” never could they be in the same sentence.

      I may only have few years remaining, I would like to leave this world knowing that people continue to hold to account those in office, and on their part would be transparency only.


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  4. The original post that Rik made is fact supported by evidence in the form of news articles etc.

    I was expelled from the Labour Party for my views on CSE, PCC Wright and the Regional Office.

    There is a lot to be said about the whole issue but what keeps me awake is the desperate, desperate voices that I heard which said “no point in reporting it”….I have no idea what went wrong and where but to think a police car drive off after witnessing it really turned my stomach.

    When will folk be allowed to tell their story?


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