Going Down 1: Wentworth & Dearne CLP Call Owen Smith nomination meeting (An attempt to cover Healey’s backside?)

I didn’t want to turn nasty, petty, devious and dishonest, but then I joined the Labour Party and it’s the law.

W&D CLP call a special meeting to nominate a candidate for the Labour leadership.

So why call it?  They didn’t have to, it will not impact on anyone’s voting decision and the ballot box doesn’t even open until August 22nd and close until 21st September.

New members, plus our many Kashmiri and Union comrades who don’t even know they are members, be aware that CLPs don’t even have a vote. Nomination meetings are as relevant as a male nipple is to child care, and given the current mood of violence, potentially dangerous.

With typical incompetence, or blatant efforts at manipulation, organisation of the meeting teeters on the edge of rule breaking.

CLP members are mainly delegates, and should be taking soundings, if not instructions from their Ward or affiliated group. The limited notice of this meeting makes it impossible.

Attendance is by “invitation only”, whereas Party rules state all eligible members can attend CLP, only delegates can vote. Whether simply a miscommunication or not, Momentum and Corbynista see it as attempted rigging of the vote.

The real reason for the meeting is probably a pathetic attempt to cover the a*se of John Healey, who having resigned from the shadow cabinet and voted no confidence is now firmly entrenched in the anti Corbyn camp.

On Corbyns victory, when brought before the Rotherham Revolutionary Workers Tribunal he wants to be able to say ”wasn’t me guv, was my Constituency who determined my actions.”

Won’t work John. Corbynista are made up from the angry brigade, and will still hang you from the nearest lamp post if they get the chance. I speak metaphorically, hope the Corbynistas do.

Jean Genie

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5 thoughts on “Going Down 1: Wentworth & Dearne CLP Call Owen Smith nomination meeting (An attempt to cover Healey’s backside?)

  1. His Call to Unity through His Disunity makes my blood boil. I will vote for Jeremy and I have yet to hear anyone voting for the other candidate. I wonder what he will say after the vote? If his stance stays the same he will have to be deselected


    • When it comes to selection of delegates to serve at the AGM, wards and affiliated organisations, should be a lot more careful about their choice! Like you LJ, I will be voting Corbyn. Wentworth & Dearne’s Member of Parliament is rapidly becoming a joke, the CLP should be looking for a replacement.


      • Agree.
        Wentworth MP has sold out.

        He has voted for welfare cuts, pfi, privatisations, hs2, illegal wars Ttip, trident

        Rarely if ever seen on picket lines


  2. But that’s how he survives by people covering his back and keeping quite like many of his Councillor friends do but remember Healey is for Healey and he does not care who he distroyed to keep his seat


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