A Sheffield Juror Reflects on Grooming Teenage Victims – Rotherham. Exclusive Blog | No 2 Abuse

I was a juror on the trial at Sheffield Crown Court, back in October last year of the eight men accused of a range of sexual crimes against four teenage girls.

I am sure you will recall that five were found guilty of at least one charge against them. This and other cases have recently been reported in the press and several prominent politicians and others are now commenting on the wider picture that is emerging, predominantly that the vast majority of offenders are Pakistani men.

Some background about why I feel the need to comment so fully: I was Director of Victim Support Sheffield ten years ago, having previously worked over ten years for Victim Support in North London. I am familiar with the facilities for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses and how the video-link system works and have supported several victims through giving evidence in Court. I have also provided extensive training for people in how to support victims of serious crime and this has included several police officers.

After a brief introduction by the prosecuting barrister, we were shown several video recordings detailing several hours of the victims’ interviews that had taken place between 20 and 24 months previously. Some of the audio quality was very poor and we strained to hear much of it. On several occasions Court was adjourned while transcripts of the interview (available to barristers already) were prepared for us.

Read on… http://www.no2abuse.com/index.php/articles/comments/a-sheffield-juror-reflecting-on-grooming-teenage-victims-exclusive-blog

10 thoughts on “A Sheffield Juror Reflects on Grooming Teenage Victims – Rotherham. Exclusive Blog | No 2 Abuse

  1. I’m don’t understand your reason for re-posting this article now, which was written in January 2011. Please explain.


    • Have you read this before Janet. I asked Rik to post it as follow up to the other post about Laura Wilson and operation central so people will know how many offences was committed clearly it states 23 and they didn’t know which offence was committed on which girl so no operation central wasn’t has successful has people make out


      • Yes, I had read it before. And I realised that it seemed familiar after a few sentences.

        There is nothing wrong in asking for something to be re-posted.

        However, there is everything wrong in not saying so on a new thread, which everyone presumes to be about a new issue or new information.


    • Janet Green, should I request your permission before posting?
      Readers are not stupid, they can work things out for themselves, without your help.
      On another occasion, you might like to address the issues, not try to discourage further comment, by means of your dismissive attitude.
      I post what, in my judgement will interest readers.
      Accounts like this from a juror, are rare indeed in this country, but commonplace elsewhere.
      This particular story provides a valuable insight from which victims may gain a better understanding of the way they can present evidence with greater clarity.


  2. Well posted Out of Order
    Jackie doesn’t seem to want people to remember what went on before the Jay Report. No one should ever forget. As a woman she’s rather touchy which is unusual


  3. If we don’t understand the problems historically, we will continue to do what we have always done, how else are we to bring change.

    Now and again we need a reminder, and thank you ‘out of order’, even this is pointing towards the same focal point.


  4. Just as it was confusing for this juror, what must’ve it been like for those poor girls making their statements and reliving their hell. Perhaps we should remember and never forget, who were the victims and who were the criminals. Some people will always like to pretend this was a victimless crime.


  5. It should have been done properly then it wouldn’t have been confusing for any one and the girls and famliys wouldn’t have to keep reliving what happened to get the truth


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