Corbyn: Labour MPs planning split should think again

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for the party’s MPs to “think again” after reports that some are planning a “semi-split” of the party.

The Daily Telegraph says a group of senior Labour MPs are looking at plans to set up an “alternative Labour” if Mr Corbyn stays on as leader.

But Mr Corbyn said there was “no alternative… we are Labour”, and the party should unite to fight the Tories.

Challenger Owen Smith said Labour was “on the edge of the precipice”.

The Telegraph said “leading moderates” in the party were planning to elect their own leader and shadow cabinet if Mr Corbyn wins the current leadership contest, and possibly launch a legal challenge for Labour’s name.

Asked about the reports, Mr Corbyn, who was holding rallies in Hull and Leeds on Saturday, said: “Sorry, this is nonsense, whoever is saying my leadership is leading to a break-up of the party?

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Thousands attend Leeds Corbyn rally as Labour leader vows not to get involved in ‘gutter’ sniping

Thousands of people flocked to the Royal Armouries as Jeremy Corbyn spoke at a rally in Leeds.

The hall was packed to the rafters with more than 2,000 people and there was standing room only – with around 1,000 more unable to get in.

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Labour leadership contenders ‘could not win General Election’

Neither contender for the Labour leadership could win a General Election with their current agenda, a party councillor for 30 years has said.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith will take part in the first live debate of the leadership contest on Thursday.

Russell Goodway, the former leader of both South Glamorgan and Cardiff councils, said Labour needed to move back to the centre ground.

But Labour AM Mike Hedges said the centre ground had lost them voters.

Mr Goodway told BBC Radio Wales’ Sunday Supplement programme he did not think he would see another Labour government in his lifetime.

He said: “I think we’ve learned the lesson over the years we win elections by occupying the centre ground of British politics… the centre of gravity has shifted towards the Conservative party and we have to get it back.

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