Going Down 2: A Revolutionaries Handbook of Tactics

Both John Healey and Sarah Champion are running around trying to find a lifeboat to escape the wreck of Labour after Corbyn’s second coronation. Not surprising. The revolutionary commissariats of the people’s republic, that will be their Constituency Parties are likely to want blood. In this case, de selections.

Sarah, hopes her recent renewal of nuptial’s with Corbyn will save her. Though in Mao and Stalin’s world merely thinking ill of the Leader was enough for a second class ticket to the gulag. Sarah has certainly done more than simply think ill of Corbyn.

John H meanwhile is in guerrilla warfare within his Constituency to fight off the Corbynista, with classic tactics such as calling dodgy meetings to pass irrelevant motions of support. His coalition of ageing dippers in the public purse may well find the militant Corbynista group of actual socialists, embittered union members and youthful zealots too energetic.

So at the risk of being called “mischievous” or worse I give local comrades a link to what can best be describe as a Labour Revolutionary Guide…or

“How to deselect your running dog of capitalism, traitor to the working class, local Labour MP..



Now here is the rub, or let’s call it the serious point. What the article shows is the power of Labour’s National Executive Committee in the selection and deselection process. Corbyn’s apparent control of (NEC), and it’s recent backing by the High Court as the ultimate interpreter of Party Rules is scary for centrist Labour MPs.  Making it much more likely that deselection rules will favour Momentum and the Unions plans to remove some of them, then insert their own commissars.

From the current elections to Labour’s NEC expect more bad news for the MPs and another step towards a Soviet style Revolution Council. Certainly Momentum and the Unions are much better organised than the centrists in putting forward a ticket of candidates.

In extreme times, the centre is inevitably squeezed out —-

Jean Genie

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8 thoughts on “Going Down 2: A Revolutionaries Handbook of Tactics

  1. In Rotherham there is very much a split between supporters of Jeremy and his opposition. There does appear to be more support for him however I am not sure if it would lead to the three MPs being deselected. I think it’s more about personal respect. How can a person remain in a position when they are unwilling to work with Jeremy. I guess Sarah understands this and reversed he decision.


  2. Where does Barron stand, he seems to be keeping his powder dry? What odds on him standing down at the next election, Lord Barron has a certain ring to it and could appeal to his well honed instinct for the freebies that go with the ermine.


  3. There is a massive disconnect between the CLP and long time Labour supporters.
    The recent influx of hard left members into the Labour party is driving traditional Labour voters away.
    The new breed of Corbynista’s probably think they are the ‘conscience’ of the Labour movement and if only us brainwashed fools would break free from too many years of Blairism and Tory right wing dogma we can have a truly ‘progressive’ left wing society controlled by the standard bearers of Socialism.
    Pass the sick bag Ethel.


    • It’s good to see right wing Tories like Collin defending the traditional values of the old guard in Rotherham: CSE, the massive fraud that took place under Garvin Reed, the freebies to the whore houses in Hull, Dublin, and all the other “fact finding” missions that took place, that were organised by him and Stone then covered up.
      You could have been forgiven for thinking that Collin was against all that old behavior; but know, that’s the kind of politics and people he apparently wants.
      Thanks for your views on the matter though Collin, they are most interesting, especially from a Tory. It kind of puts things in perspective.


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