Rewriting history! RMBC literally tried to…bury a body under the carpet

“Something Rattled RMBC’s cage in late 2011 and early 2012 an ultimatum given but by whom”!…”unlikely place”

• Jay report: 11; Issues of ethnicity.
“Both  women  and  men  from  the  community  voiced  strong  concern  that  other  than  two meetings  in  2011,  there  had  been  no  direct  engagement  with  them  about  CSE  over  the past  15  years,  and  this  needed  to  be  addressed  urgently,  rather  than  ‘tiptoeing’ around the issue”. (a bit further away than the truth)

“The issue placed on the agenda, the 5 jailed for CSE, and the murder. They questioned if both cases had been prosecuted with a successful outcome, and if never before they had been consulted on anything, they RMBC were hiding something.
And an ultimatum given, without an independent inquiry into CSE, they would not accept anything less for the sake of all communities”. (Unlikely place)

●The issue transpired to be :

•Child S SCR.
This Executive Summary was written by Professor Pat Cantrill, Independent Overview Author April 2011.

• Casey report : p134;
“The SCR was not published until late May  2012 and was so extensively  redacted that The Times newspaper contacted RMBC signalling its intention to publish some of the details which had been removed.  The Times’  journalist Andrew Norfolk had extensively  covered CSE as  a national and  Rotherham specific problem from 2010 onwards. He received the un-redacted report from an anonymous source.
Casey report: p134/5
The Times  contended that the redactions sought  to minimise Child S’s involvement with CSE and mask associated  failure on the part of professionals within  RMBC.   The Council justified its redactions on the basis of seeking to protect the identities of child S and her family and there is some  validity in the claim, although the related murder trial had been extensively covered in the media. RMBC sought  a legal injunction against  The Times  to  prevent it from publishing. The matter attracted criticism from the then Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove. A less heavily redacted version of the SCR was finally published in 2013”.

●The something they were hiding was child S, Operation Central, and the failed Operation Czar. “unlikely place”.

In Rotherham  in 2009/10  two major  police investigations  took  place  into  offences of  sexual exploitation.  XXXXXXXXXX  and  Child S  were  mentioned in  both of  the  investigations  but  neither provided any evidence as part of the enquiry. The two investigations were:

Operation Central
Operation  Central  was the  code‐name  given  to  the investigation and  prosecution in  Rotherham  of  a large  number  of  serious  sexual  offences  alleged  to have been  committed  by  adult  males aged 20‐29  against  young  girls  aged  13‐16.  8  men  were  charged  with a  total  of  2  offences  of  rape  and 16  of  sexual  activity  with underage  girls.  Five offenders  were  found  guilty  in  September  2010.  The men received a total of 33 years imprisonment.

Operation Czar
This  operation  took  place in  Rotherham  in 2009.  It  related  to  sexual  exploitation of  children  and young  people in  a  specific  area  of  Rotherham.
The operation  did not  result  in any  prosecutions because there  was a  failure  to  get  victims  to  disclose  offences  and  therefore  to progress complaints.

Andrew Norfolk was originally here regarding child S, then SCR for child S and the redactions to be made public, and a big thank you to all who made their own stories public.

●Jay couldn’t find the computers!

For all those out there let me set you straight regarding the missing computers and the files, don’t worry Casey was on the case.

•Casey report: p135;
“Inspectors were told about missing files,  including children’s case  files  belonging to Risky Business that the Council could not find. Our inspection established that these files had been in an office at Riverside House, the Council’s main building, for some considerable time. Professor Jay also comments on the fact that  the minutes of ‘key players meetings’ could not be found. We  are advised that the interim Chief Executive asked the Council’s internal auditors to find these and  within weeks, they had been tracked down. It seems that when RMBC says  things are missing and lost, that they may not have looked that hard”

●For those who need to be reassured, the lines of enquiry just didn’t turn up over night, lost computers and files ring a bell.

“It has examined more than 120,000 documents from police, council and health services”.

Over 10,000 lines of enquiry as Rotherham abuse probe expands – The Star

Robust scrutiny of all things political in and around Rotherham.


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30 thoughts on “Rewriting history! RMBC literally tried to…bury a body under the carpet

  1. So why do Healey and Barron claim they did not know about cse when it was in public domain.

    So not only they claim cllrs and police did not inform them?
    But they and their staff / researchers failed to read it?

    To admit now would prove dishonesty and that they had failed to warn and safeguard the public and their children.


    • I can’t speak on behalf of Healy or Barron and your right to suggest, that they didn’t understand the importance of CSE, could be forgiven if it was anywhere other than there doorstep. I would have hoped any SCR would prompt all locally based politians into action.

      What is also a problem.
      The press not only on a local level, but national level need to up there game, and any politician should be made to answer, isn’t this the free speech that everyone mistakes for freedom to offend.

      A story from the telegraph:

      “For all their faults, journalists provide a vital role in a democracy that would be lost if politicians were allowed to regulate them” The story by Tim luck Hurst.

      Speaking in 1949, the year in which Britain’s first Royal Commission on the Press rejected emphatically the notion that newspapers might be improved by state intervention, Sir Winston Churchill said: “A free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize; it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny… Under dictatorship the press is bound to languish… But where free institutions are indigenous to the soil and men have the habit of liberty, the press will continue to be the Fourth Estate, the vigilant guardian of the rights of the ordinary citizen.”

      Britain’s press must remain free – Telegraph

      All what we are left with is a gutter press, that the MP’s then by default would be floaters or sinkers.

      An example of what fits the gutter press psyche:

      Straight after the Jay Report, 28 Aug 2014, and people question why people don’t speak publicly.

      “Ms Qureshi later appeared to backtrack on her statement, claiming she intended to say the report revealed senior council workers evidently knew about the scandal”.
      So what was it she knew or didn’t, well something fits the bill, let’s pin it on her ‘Daily Mail’ Editor wtf!

      Pakistani community worker makes explosive claims on Rotherham’s religious leaders | Daily Mail Online

      I also can’t believe our own local press failed so miserably to hold to account our MP’s, cllr’s or even our beloved RMBC.


  2. Child s my sister Laura wilson was not groomed or involved in Cse in any way shape or form she was murdered I’ve had enough of people doing this if its not people lying about her in a book and people lying about her from other party’s it’s still the media I think people need to realise what this is doing to my family I’ve not come out as a Cse survivor and shown my face for nothing what the hell are people gonna do when truth does come out because there’s a lot more still hidden Laura wilson was not groomed and most certainly wasn’t part of operation central!!!! I should know I’m her SISTER !!!!!!


    • The truth must be told by the ones that know it …. and as it spreads like fire through a dry haystack people will question the ones that tried to hide it ….I believe Sarah when she says there is a lot more to come out .


    • I am so sorry Sarah, this is how it is recorded in public records, I have provided all the links to where each and every statement came from, they on the whole are not my words.
      Although the narrative is mine, the conclusion should have been pointing towards a cover up.

      I did not do this to cause any further hurt or anguish to you and your family.

      I completely agree with you, “rewriting history” as suggested would be much appreciated for everyone’s sake, wouldn’t you agree that the details you mention need to be changed from public records, and any such will never never happen until we all speak up.

      The truth and only the truth is recognised and recorded as it should be.


      • I’m changing everything as files was mixed up between me and Laura it’s a shame that after I wrote a book “violated” and thought I’ve done it got truth out some one had to write one with lies I want people to question me and A another on the story’s in the books and chapters of Laura wilson we will soon find out who’s lying Laura has a 6 year old daughter that one day will have to read all these lies it’s a very big shame I’m going through everything to get the truth out and let me promise those certain individuals that’s involved I will fight till the day I take my last breath I will reveal every single lie told no one will shut me up I’m not a violent person and never will be but the court of law will judge the bad and get my sister her daughter and family and myself justice we deserve people think I’m gonna get scared and stand down more fool them the truth is gonna come and we will see the liars for what they are 100%


        • Don’t ever give up Laura ! You must get the truth published and the public records amended so the truth is recorded there for ever !


        • Xinsider her names Sarah who wrote the post not Laura don’t be disrespectful and they will be amended won’t be long till the truths out hey insider


        • Must take more water with the whiskey – absolutely no offence intended ! Tired and emotional springs to mind I spent most of yesterday cross checking Jay, Casey and Jayne Senior book and kept coming back to the papers “stolen” from the Risky Business office, the fact that they , apparently, reappeared at Riverside House, and the “theft” of the laptops from the Civic Building ! Breaking & entering the Watergate Building brought President Nixon down – has anyone from SYP or RMBC ever even thought about, or really investigated, who may have been behind these occurrences ? I have my own ideas as to who may be responsible but would not like to receive an Anti Social Behaviour Order, or worse, if I have got it wrong !


        • Whatever Jayne been on whisky and water tonight yawn go away and leave us alone stop goadin us so u can report us to look the victim


  3. Operation central wasn’t has successful as people make out there was a lot more rapes than 2
    Inciting a girl age 13 to engage in a sexual act (oral sex)
    Vaginal rape of a 13 year old girl
    Vaginal rape of a 13 year old girl x 3
    Anal and vaginal rape of a 16 yr old
    Anal and vaginal rape of a 16 yr old
    Vaginal rape of a 13 yr old
    Sexual touching of a 13 yr old
    Oral rape of a 13 yr old
    Oral rape of a 13 yr old
    Vaginal rape of a 13 yr old X 2
    Anal rape of a 16 yr old x 3
    Oral rape of a 13 yr old
    And the 5 men got 32 and half years
    And these offences are only what they had evidence for what about the gang rapes and for the record risky business didn’t get the girls disclosures either it was 3 pcso that gathered all the evidence and spent time getting girls statements
    And operation central only happened because a parent witnessed the abuse of her daughter who then disclosed what had been happening and what was happening to other girls and gave the girls names now if that parent hadn’t seen what they did I dowt operation central would have never have happened and the perpetrators would have been left to carry on grooming young girls


  4. Rewriting history is compulsory this side of the big road whenever truth interferes with the agenda, on any issue, at any time, by any person or persons, for any reason – blatant, crude, confidently arrogant in the knowledge that they will never be held to account, not by the law that they believe they are above, nor the police with whom they collude, nor whistle-blowers who they crush, nor their electorate in whom they hold contempt.


  5. And again the people who got awards shouldn’t have because they didn’t do the work people awarded for operations central was Dave walker lee Robinson and Jayne senior and a nother police women they should be stripped of their awards the only people who deserve the awards was the 4 girls and the 3 pcso officers
    And the 3 men who got off shouldn’t have they was related to the councillors that’s why they walked free


  6. Also one of Laura’s murderers got acquitted all we need is fresh evidence he knows this zak Hussain we never had a fair trial for Laura’s murder and it’s hard to fetch forward fresh charges but I’m hoping this is something we can do I sick of the lies and crap what’s still going about survivors been turned against each other and having to learn the hard way what’s the truth now survivors are standing as one and fighting for rights for the next generation they is to many dodgy stuff still going on in Rotherham and I’m confident that this will all come out Rotherham is already moving forward they is still some faults but they will be fixed everyone needs to stick together and stop letting this stuff happen people will have a big shock soon I mean no professional could be bothered to look for my sister not the police or anything when they said they was it was me that got a search party it was me that found my sister so yeah the truth always comes out


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  8. Hotspot : are you suggesting the “missing case files belonging to Risky Business” that turned up in Riverside House are the ones stolen from the filing cabinet within the Risky Business office? The case files which Jayne Senior intimates, were probably taken by unnamed persons who had keys to the International Centre, who knew the alarm key code and knew how to access a password protected computer to delete files and create false records of a meeting which could not have taken place ? Has there ever been a credible investigation into this or the “theft” of 22 laptops from the Civic Offices, again entered at night ‘ apparently by a key holder ? If not, why not ?


      • She has 3 copies all in different locations so she could blackmail RMBC & SYP so if she gets arrested she will get them leaked to press she laughs about it and thinks she’s got one up on them she’s telling people personal story’s which shouldn’t be allowed she braking every rule in the book and should be arrested


        • That it true she copies things 3 times and hides them because she told us her self. She uses people personal stories has case studies but twists the truth this women is nothing but a liar


        • All these case studies are not for use to help people learn they are used for her own Gain these are personal stories and she discuss them with every one and then hands the case studies out in training sessions for her own training business.
          I no people change stories for their books but come on you don’t make survivors and families look idiots or lie about them they have been through enough already


    • She uses all these case studies for her training company. Risky Business training it’s called. It was set up in November 2014. Very convenient time to set up, just after the Jay report.


      • Yes she did her and Adele gladman she had everything planned from the off I find this very odd because Jayne states she would never open risky business back up well well well that’s a nother lie isn’t Jayne


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  10. The council have never informed the people who’s names was on them laptops either and I’m pretty sure it’s 21 not 22 all their private information including details of the trail and their addresses names and witnesses private information aswell, think people really need to think if there was a break in in the international centre aswell seen as it’s never been reported


  11. The Truth – your response makes no sense whatsoever ! Do you think I am “Jayne” ? Why would I goad you ? Why should I report you ? Are you interested in getting to the bottom of who is responsible for the acts I refer to or not ? If not, why are you reading / taking part in the discussion ?


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