Labour group row over party’s leadership election

THE WENTWORTH and Dearne constituency Labour party has been accused of trying to sway the party leader vote in favour of Owen Smith by excluding members from its nomination meeting.

The CLP has only invited Labour party delegates to its preferred leadership nomination meeting taking place this Wednesday at Rotherham Town Hall.

But one delegate is calling for the “undemocratic” meeting to be postponed and some upset members are planning to protest outside.

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2 thoughts on “Labour group row over party’s leadership election

  1. There can be little doubt that as evidenced by correspondence recently posted on this site, Wentworth & Dearne CLP are breaking the Party’s rules when they say that attendance is by invitation only.

    A quote from the latest NEC instructions to CLP for nominating meetings

    “Eligible freeze date ……Only those members or GC delegates who have been party members on or before 12, January 2016 and are therefore eligible to vote in the ballot will be eligible to participate in the meeting. ”

    Eligible members in this case means the old fashioned type. Not the new £3/25 entryists, nor the cheapskate Union members who have been paid for by Unite and chums.

    An eligible members has a right to attend, ’tis not something optional for the CLP Officers to determine.

    Now the W&D CLP may be sending out invitations to all eligible members, but it was pretty dumb in the current climate for them not to be more clear.

    For more read

    Jean Genie


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