A very British coup. Plotters all supported Blair’s war

Chilcot confirms what millions of us knew in 2003, the case for war had not been made. It was an unnecessary and illegal conflict, launched on the basis of flawed intelligence, secret diplomacy and with no sound legal basis. It was done on a web of lies to mislead the public.

Blair should be put on trial. It’s a disgrace that some MPs that voted for the illegal war refuse to apologise. They have destroyed Iraq to a rubble.                                                                                                                    Ex-squaddies have been demonised for being critical of the illegal war or inferior kit/resources and how they were treated when they were forced out.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/104021/letter-coup-mps-all-supported-war.aspx

11 thoughts on “A very British coup. Plotters all supported Blair’s war

  1. Corbyn is a normal bloke and does what he says. Hear thar barun and healy r involved in distorting stuff to members so they can get on that welsh blokes gravy train.

    Have they got a exit strategy?


  2. Our MPs have never apologised for iraq and all bloodshed. Speaks volumes.

    People locally disgusted at their actions in coup and their voting. Will not vote for labour till they go. They not labour MPs.


    • Also HS2

      Go on their voting records. They are more Tory than the Tories, Remember that.

      Owen is a shyster and utter chancer will get no where. He was chief lobbyist for Pfizer ie Big Pharma who make billions from the NHS.

      He also lobbied for the privatisation of the NHS.

      Owen Smith is super cringe worthy.

      Healey and his Blairite mates thought their arrogance and march on topplling democracy would work and are now bricking it. It won’t

      He’s not called the ‘fence sitter’ for nothing.


      • He has become an embarasment to the clp and a disgrace. He sold out years ago.

        Alleged Healy and cllrs have too much on each other for coverups.

        He has a big book of weasal excuses


    • Which Labour MP voted over 200 times with the Conservatives in the House of Commons? Know them by their deeds. (PS: It was Corbyn…)


  3. Sam, Jon, Don and Paul… I’m awaiting Ringo!

    Sorry, but the above four comments appear a little, how can say it, contrived. Or as Sam, Jon, Don, Paul and Rigo would put…..mayd oop..

    I’s one thing to use pseudonyms, another to make up pseudo comments:)


  4. May be they should be taken to the high court for not apologising as they are quick to take others to court for not apologising and people not going to their coffee mornings
    They dont care who’s life they ruin our own Service men and women innocent children and civilians and pensioners
    but they will still be selected and still be voted in to Cary on looking after themselves first and foremost
    They were elected to represent the majority of the people not them selves


      • Oh yes the MPs claim the police and their own Cllrs and even family members never told them about something as serious as cse. Lol

        So much for the regular liaison meetings


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