Dearne MP demands HS2 route rethink

A RETHINK of the newly-proposed high speed rail route through South Yorkshire has been urged by an MP.

John Healey wants HS2 Ltd to reconsider the new route it revealed weeks ago which will take the line through Aston, Bramley, Wales, Mexborough and the Dearne Valley.

It was controversially moved from an option which took the line via a proposed interchange at Meadowhall.

Now, the Wentworth and Dearne MP has demanded that the Meadowhall option be reconsidered.

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HS2 plans unacceptable to Rotherham, says council leader

COUNCIL leader Chris Read has called on the transport secretary to rethink HS2’s “ill considered” plans in South Yorkshire.

His letter to Chris Grayling said the economic and travel benefits from the high-speed rail link would be “slight to non-existent”.

Cllr Read added: “Without serious reconsideration, the current proposal is unacceptable to Rotherham residents.”

HS2 Ltd’s revised proposals ditched the idea of a station at Meadowhall for building on Sheffield’s existing Midland station.

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John Healey has had his own rethink?

Healey asks minister to look at HS2 station

TRANSPORT Secretary Chris Grayling has been urged to commission a study on the case for a high speed rail station close to the M18 by a South Yorkshire MP. Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey said he was “dismated” by … Continue reading

8 thoughts on “Dearne MP demands HS2 route rethink

  1. Not in my back yard springs to mine but it is OK in someone elses total hypocrite revamp the existing network cheaper and less disruption for everyone concerned


  2. Reconsider spending all this cash on something that will not serve the people its meant to…invest in the local rail network and put this disaster to bed.


  3. Well he will will save time on his weekly commute to HoC. To sell out the voters.

    We need a fully affodable rail and integrated transport system.

    Not this tripe that will only benefit the well heeled and big business.


  4. Let’s just get the line from Sheffield to St Pancras electrified, and invest in better speeded for trains across the North and with far better links to our regional airports.
    Sir Kevin has added his protest voice via twitter to this outpouring:

    We didn’t hear anything from him when the homes of his constituents in Fence, Treeton etc were under threat from the Meadowhall route.
    Yesterday, because of the bridge collapse north of Loughboro. there were no direct trains from Sheffield to London so I had to travel to London via Doncaster. As a regular traveller on the Sheff-London route, I will be so happy if and when Sheffield has as good a line to London as Doncaster has now.
    …. So when I read this:
    “Violent outbursts at Doncaster HS2 meeting” , I just give up!
    Tonight; came back from Peterborough via Doncaster, to home in less than 2 hours. That’s all I could wish for!
    Picked up a copy of Private Eye at Peterborough station, still hadn’t finished reading it by the time I got home by bus from Sheffield – but pleased to see that Rotherham gets a mention once again.


    • Some of us have used the Doncaster Kings Cross line for years. Would never use Sheffield to St Pancras.
      Ask Healey, he always travels for Doncaster.
      Fast and as good as any HS2


  5. It’s not a different route we should worry about but the billions due to be spent on this EU driven vanity project. Scrap it and put the money to better use.


    • Dear John,
      Re: “… this EU driven vanity project”
      You may not understand this but I can assure you that the EU is not to blame for everything that is going wrong in the UK.


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