Rewriting history, the final frontier; The Wrath of Local Government Committee: I can’t believe it!

Majority of arguments placed by Ofsted reflected what was in the Jay/Casey reports, and with lashings of media based interpretations of the good the bad and the ugly (RB, the proverbial’s, And RMBC).

Let’s see what was recorded by them and see if it matches the Wrath of Local Government Committee.

Examples starting with Dr Sonia Sharp, as if they were brilliant before her.

● 2005: Dr Sonia Sharp era.

“Final judgements Please see your  final annual performance assessment judgements attached at  the end of this letter. Yours sincerely”

●  Ofsted Joint area review
Report for children and young people Rotherham

Inspectors also found that:

○ Too many young people are getting pregnant but the numbers are falling

○ There is good support to young people who  need advice on drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption.

○ Vulnerable  children  and young people are kept safe from abuse and exploitation  and supported in cases of domestic violence. Most children who are in the care  of the council are well supported.

○ A small number of children who are in  the care of the council have too many changes of social worker.

●Ofsted 2006
Rotherham Youth Service Report Rotherham Children’s Services Authority Area

○ Part B:  The youth service’s contribution to Every Child Matters outcomes

•4.     The Young People’s Services make a  good contribution to the outcomes identified in  Every Child Matters.   Curriculum planning  at  all levels is based on the five  themes.   A particular strength is  the work  on behalf  of  the  authority in  the Voice and Influence initiative  that aims to involve young people  fully in decision making.  For example,  some 5,500 children and young people  took part in a visioning exercise that informed the priorities  in the Children and Young People’s Services plan. The service works well in partnership with  social services, the police and other agencies to support young  women at  risk of  sexual exploitation to change their lives through  the “Risky Business” project.  “Youth Start” provides a well used, year round information, advice and counselling  service in collaboration with health services. Young people  have many opportunities for learning and personal  development through local activities and an  extensive international programme. Connexions personal  advisers managed by the Young People’s Services help young  people  who are vulnerable or  disadvantaged to cope with challenges and provide advice and guidance about  their futures. “Youth Enterprise” supports young people well in starting their own businesses.

© Crown copyright 2006
This document may be reproduced in whole  or  in part for non-commercial purposes, provided that the information quoted  is reproduced without  adaptation and  the source and date of publication are stated.

Publication       Type All
Published         10  October  2006  Reference no    372

● Ofsted 2006
Review of services for children and young people
Adult  Learning
Inspectorate Audit Commission  Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI)
Healthcare Commission
HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate
HM Inspectorate of  Constabulary
HM Inspectorate of  Court Administration
HM Inspectorate of  Prisons
HM Inspectorate of  Probation  Ofsted

○The impact of  local services

•42.  Agencies respond well to families  and children who are subject to domestic violence. The housing department  gives priority to  women and children fleeing violence,  and Asian women have access to a service developed to meet their specific cultural  needs. Good  support is  provided to  children at risk of sexual exploitation, or  who have  been sexually exploited, through the Risky Business project. Young people have been successfully  diverted away from prostitution and those interviewed  reported specific improvements in their lives in terms of reduced vulnerability, more stability and hope for the future.

Audience          All
Published         10  October  2006
Reference no.  372

●Ofsted 2009

Children’s services rating  2009 Children’s services rating

Performs poorly (1)

“1 Performs poorly An organisation that  does  not meet  minimum requirements”

●Suprised to see!

Most of which is found to be blank

“Safeguarding and looked after children inspections, including unannounced inspections and serious case reviews”

Ofsted had been ridiculously incompetent. The legal framework to hold nearly all youth service’s run by local authorities to account, we can understand that the local authorities could fail, a preposition to fail in this context would be they never came across such on an individual level.

I ask you where that leaves Ofsted in this whole situation. Ofsted they weren’t reading from the script they were writing at the time, there was reason enough to enquire further especially where the service is paid for by the local authority.

They include this in

●House of Commons Communities
and Local Government Committee

Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham:
Ofsted and further government issues
Ninth Report of Session 2014–15 Report, together with formal minutes relating to  the report
Ordered by the House of Commons
to be printed 10 March 2015

(Ofsted could only answer with such contempt, probably what a policy change looks like. When you get shot from now on, you don’t shout Arrrhh….anymore, we are moving on evolving so it’s Baahhh….from now on. Why! Cos We’re holding the gun dum ass. Such a simple fix, I was thinking the answers laid here)

•34.  We conclude that Ofsted’s rating of  ‘adequate’ was ambiguous and open to misinterpretation. To Ofsted, it meant that improvement was required and we welcome Ofsted’s redefinition and clarification of the meaning of an authority assessed as falling into this  category. To a person unfamiliar with  Ofsted’s methods of operations—and  this could include councillors carrying  out the vital work of scrutinising their  officers and services—the term could be represented or interpreted as meaning satisfactory. Rotherham appears to have gone a step further and interpreted it as indicating a ‘strong’ performance.

When we asked Ms Jones who  would assess Ofsted’s performance  and challenge it when it failed, she  replied:

“If we fail,  if we do not perform as  robustly as we should do, we are an organisation that has no problem with  looking to ourselves and identifying when things go wrong. Indeed, when  things go wrong I hope that our systems are robust enough and our quality assurance systems are  transparent enough to say, when we get it wrong, we get it wrong”.

•77.  The Jay and Casey Reports reveal  a deeply concerning failure to scrutinise children’s services in Rotherham. We recommend that local democratic control cannot be restored in Rotherham without an effective system of scrutiny in place.

•81.  During this inquiry the responsibility and role of the police has  hung like shadow over our work on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. We asked Louise Casey  about the position of the police. She  said that South Yorkshire Police needed to look at the failure to the victims in Rotherham. She  added that:

•Q458; Louise Casey:
“The interesting thing about Rotherham  Metropolitan Borough Council is they  had no choice but to be inspected. They have to pay for their own inspection. Every member of staff that we asked to see had to see us or else we would infer something  negative from that. We could look at any document that we wanted to look at. We left no stone unturned”….

Wouldn’t you agree, that Ofsted should be in a position to improve services and by all accounts be innovative in this field.

Who was on the Rotherham Sexual Exploitation Forum?

What the hell is CSE!
Our beloved councils response, echoes Ofsted’s whitewash!

An understanding forwarded to Clive Betts, I wonder who he is, the Wrath of a sponge in a bucket of water.


Sexual Offences Act 2003

Incompetence on another worldly level.

Can’t see the woods for the trees.

You never listened to the victims! Or Applied the Law.


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