We now move on. Day Zero will be on the 6th of August: Robust scrutiny was called for by Jay/Casey inspection.

On the whole Commissioners are doing a Great job, fixing all the problems, amending all the policies.

The Commissioner’s directions are being robustly implemented, and scrutiny is alive and well.

Each and every policy has a sense of direction never before seen in Rotherham.


Well done to all Rotherham Cllr’s, and I would love to see you all in action together, with directions like these oh…the harmony would be unbearable.

But anyway we now go on another journey.

Written evidence – Sir Derek Myers

Oh so that is the problem in Rotherham. I suppose we didn’t have one of those before.

I cue the call from Martin Kimber.


Up the elephant and around the castle, FFS! We’re going around in circles.


Never mind us, we’ll be updated with the report out on the 6th.

Local Authorities and Commissioners inquiry – UK Parliament

Don’t hold your breath on another whitewash.


4 thoughts on “We now move on. Day Zero will be on the 6th of August: Robust scrutiny was called for by Jay/Casey inspection.

  1. As I am new to the internal “game” of politics, I sometimes feel like I’m fishing in a bayou.
    A thick quagmire of, everything as normal behaviour even an embarrassed reverse psychological air of “the show must go on…”

    Despite my “worldly experience” I have found it very difficult to understand, take in, or believe in local democracy when councillors who were told they were inept and should resign, just walked straight back in, many under the “red blanket on a donkey rule”.
    Some of that shamed and humiliated Labour council were good experienced people who may have been tarred with a big brush but I find it extremely difficult to understand why a Councillor with over 20 years of experience seeming knew nothing about anything, or worse,
    did nothing anyway?

    Then there were the managers and officers who were quickly moved on to similar jobs
    in other areas with no loss of face or reward not to mention credibility.
    It’s similar to bankers being bailed out for losing millions and getting another bankers job.
    (I’m talking about monetary and position values not the reportedly letting down molested children)

    This is all adds to general malaise and/or apathy to ordinary working families who read almost everyday that there seems to be a different rule for people who attain any kind of higher level. Not to mention the presumption of the: richer they are the less they pay in tax. Imagine any of those hard working people being sacked then walking back into the same job! But I still remain shocked that these people complained bitterly about “the council” and then voted (allowed) them back in!

    Perhaps it’s the same apathy that retains the downward spiral that they cannot change things
    or that ” they are all the same” We are not! I certainly did not become a Councillor for self interest, money or a career but to change Rotherham and Great Britain for the better, the rest is up to the real people…you.

    Anyone at ANY level who works in Goverment has a duty above and beyond “normal duties”
    being paid more and/or having “higher” office must mean greater responsibility to the people of Rotherham and UK. And soul searching accountability, not to cover up or use any methods to maintain or remain in their position, especially “for the Party” (perhaps because they are desperate people who can do nothing else?) and consequently should have a greater honour when they fall from grace and favour not to continue in a vein hope that it’s all gone away.
    It hasn’t. It’s still as clear as mud, or a bayou…


    • In regards to the quagmire that is being suggested,  it looks like clear waters to me.

      Local authorities need to!

      ●Children Act 1989
      17Provision of services for children in need, their families and others.


      ●Children Act 1989
      47Local authority’s duty to investigate.


      Police need to!

      ●Sexual Offences Act 2003

      Whether it is a donkey in a Red Jacket, a monkey in a blue tie, an orangutan in a purple dress, I simply don’t care!

      Will the real slim shady please stand up, please stand up:

      Chorus : (by Police, RMBC, Ofsted, LG’s SC, Barnardo’s)
      No..No..No n No (there’s no limit, to how low they can go)

      Not an ecstatic fan of Prince Charles, here goes:

      “I don’t see why politicians and others (probably LG’s and business leaders, police and OMG! Commissioners) should think they have the monopoly of wisdom.”

      – on his involvement in politics, during an interview with Jonathan Dimbleby, c. 1994.


  2. Lets not forget the solicitors, conspiring to traffic children. Ignoring the law and the truth .
    Theyre businesses arent suffering as they are thriving on the immigration gravy train, when theyr not signing other peoples children away,


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